CR Football Recruit Day: By Frank Skeen

The CR football coaching staff and football team are all gearing up for the Saturday, March 7th official recruiting day. The event kicks off at 9:30 AM and lasts into the afternoon.


“We expect anywhere from 20 to 30 athletes to come here to campus and get a feel for the college,” said Head Coach Dave Banducci. Future students will not only meet their future coaches and teammates, they will also have the opportunity to meet various college staff and gather important information about Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing, Academic Advising, and Counseling.


Pointing out the importance of respect and kindness from those on staff and the team, Coach Banducci commented that the majority of the athletes that come and visit CR feel good about the environment, and end up coming in the fall. They say they feel treated well by the people on campus, and feel like College of the Redwoods would be a good fit for them.


“With the visits, we really never know what to expect,” said Banducci, “we talk to them on the phone but you never really know what you’re going to get until they come here.” It’s an exciting time on campus as future student athletes visit, one could only hope they will bring the spark needed to re-ignite football success and bring some fun on campus.

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