Back to School Mom: Story of Survival

                                A Day in the Life of a College Mom                        Mary Baugh  It is 5 a.m. It will be my one and only moment of solitude today, so I cherish it. The smell of coffee slowly stirs my senses, and after the first sip, I feel almost human. The house is quiet, eerily quiet, considering I have 4 children, but although there is stillness, my mind is already racing far ahead. The daily schedule looms in front of me, and I know, inevitably, there will be chaos.ZAP…the solitude is gone. 6 a.m.“Wake up!! come on everyone..RISE AND SHINE!! We do NOT want to be late  today like yesterday!!”“MOM! Madeline WONT get out of the bathroom!! And I have to GO!! BAD!!”“Madeline!! Hurry UP! There are other people in this house you know!”I am brushing hair, brushing teeth, putting on jackets, finding socks and stuffing food into snack bags…”Hurry up gang!! My class starts in 45 minutes! Oh, and yours start in 10!”7:40 a.m.As we back out of the driveway, I realize that I forgot to warm up the car, and there is a layer of ice formed on the windshield.. argh! One MORE delay!Exceeding the speed limit (just a little bit) and gesturing frustratingly at the slow line of cars in front of me I shout “ why don’t we just park here! Jesus!”Such is the morning of a college mom…a mom who desperately wants an education, but not at the risk of life spinning out of control. Not at the expense of her kids. Not if it means failure. That is a word that scares me. If I risk it all, and plunge in headfirst, am I being selfish to my family? Did I take on too much? Will I fail?8:25 a.m.I have dropped off the kids, and am now speeding south on the 101. DAMN! My class starts in 10 minutes, and I still have to park the half mile away!I realize that I didn’t finish the paper due in Sociology because Sabrina had come down with a fever the night before, and Collin had lost his glasses. I am grateful for the one and a half hour break between my first two classes.8:35 a.m.I rush in the door of my journalism class, out of breath and very sorry that I have missed the first 5 minutes of class, because I don’t want to miss one word of anything, and because everytime I walk in late, everyone is laughing at something David said, and I missed it. I plop down in my seat…take out my paper and pen..and my mind drifts off to what I’m going to make for dinner…

To be Continued………….

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