CR Student Looks at Disc Golf

Golf anyone? 

            Have you ever just wanted to just get away? Ever find yourself sitting in front of the computer bored out of your mind? Or even stuck in front of a cash register wanting nothing other than to get off work, but you know there is nothing to do when you get home?There is this new sport called Frisbee Golf, and it’s only ten dollars for a new disk! Now I’m not saying you are only going to bye one, but you only need one for around 3 months to a year (unless you get really in to it right away).I find Frisbee golf is a great way to get your mind off of all those things that just stress you out. Like an over stimulating day at work, or sitting in front of the computer all day plying the same game. Maybe you need to just get away. Frisbee golf definitely helps get my mind free of all the stress, maybe it will help you to.            So where can you go to play you say? There are four different golf courses in the area. The easiest course from my experience is the one off of Samoa blvd. in Manila, between Eureka and Arcata. Then I would half to say the Madriver course is a little harder. Harder still would be Cooper Gulch in Eureka. All of which are par threes (which means you make the shot start to finish in three shots) and all three courses have 9 holes a peace. The hardest course in the general area would half to be the curtain up on 18th st. behind H.S.U. in Arcata. If you want to play this course I suggest going up there and waiting for someone to lead you through it. First off the first hole is hard to find as are all of the holes. Second there are 18 holes on this course, plus four more hidden ones all of which are par threes. Any of the pros would most likely be glad to show you through. 

            My favorite course in the area is coopers gulch, and I try to get there as often as possible. That’s all for now I hope to see you out there enjoying the sun, and having fun.


Rodney Neff


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