A Day in the Life of a College Mom — Part 2

 by Mary Baugh  There is one thing that I know for sure, and that is that laundry never ends…It is a bottomless pit. As Sabrina walks into the room with her fourth outfit of the day on, it really occures to me, that as long as I’m alive, I will be continuessly washing, drying, folding, and putting away clothes, towels, and sheets. Matching up and folding socks. Bleaching out stains. Air drying shrinkables, and sorting clothes according to colors. It’s not that I really mind doing laundry, but everytime I am taking the time to do it, I keep glancing over at my books, and I have a tremenous guilt complex that I’m not studying. On the other hand, if I’m studying, I feel guilty that I’m not doing housework. How do I find that delicate balance?  How do I prioritize when it comes to school and family, and how do I stop myself when I’m buried in a book and I know that dinner needs to be made? These are the things that a mom who goes to school has to ask herself. And believe me, I’m asking. Ever since that first moment when I felt my first-born kick me, I have had a priority. That priority is, that other little person. Every waking moment and every sleeping moment, I can’t imagine that anything could ever ever take precedence over that, and really, nothing ever will. Now that I’m a student AND a mother, I’ve had to, shall I say, reprioritize? Not in a way that takes AWAY from my kids, but in a way that adds dimensions to my life as a mother and a student, WITHOUT taking away from them. So, here I am. I am on my way to pick up Madeline from school. I have to study for my test in Nutrition, and there are loads of laundry to be done. I haven’t made the beds and I also forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner. Needless to say, the 50 mile an hour speed limit between Eureka and Arcata is extremely frustrating, and the desire to break the speed limit is overwhelming. I simply don’t think that there are enough hours in the day.As I pull up to Madeline’s school, she is rushing to the car through the rain, with her backpack, laptop, jacket, and our pet python hanging on to her thumb.  I really don’t think that there are enough hours in the day. She climbs into the car, and her thumb is dripping blood all over the front seat,and the look in Houdini’s eyes are clear; “I refuse to let go.” I stick my thumb in the snakes mouth and try to pry, but her little hypodermic needle-like teeth pierce my skin and i realize that I need help. Gone are any thoughts of laundry, school work, and dinner. My priority is crystal clear.Racing through the door of the nearest vets office, the doctor rushes out and assists me, releasing the snakes jaws from my daughter’s finger, and allowing a huge breath of relief to escape from my chest. Madeline’s thumb is purple and swollen and she thinks that one of the teeth is embedded in it. I rush her to urgent care at Saint Josephs Hospital, where, 3 hours later, we get a clean bill of health from the doctor, along with instructions on keeping the finger infection free.I walk through the front door, so relieved to be home, and well aware that although dinner isn’t made, the laundry remains dirty and I have yet to study for my test, my daughter is safe, healthy, and is and will always be, my first priority………..to be continued

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