Ruth Lake — One of 101 Things to Do in Humboldt

As the clock ticks 10:00am we head out on our journey north to the Arcata Plaza cancelling our trip to
Ruth lake at first, due to the gradual sprinkle of rain. We take a stroll through eyeing the shops, on the
lousy sidewalks, as Rookery Bookshop comes in view. Catherine and I don’t hesitate to drop in, being
as we love books. Eyeing books of all sorts, I am struck when I cross the three time Newberry Author
Gary Paulson a personal favorite of mine. Maybe you’re interested in books, if so Rookery Bookshop
has books for all ages that range from cooking to Art and everything in between.
 Being that much of the stores weren’t open, with Valentine’s day on a Sunday  morning we
decided to tackle Ruth lake anyway, even with the rain. With a quick stop to grab the map for
reference we were off yet again. Our adventure first lead us through Highway 36 that is known for its
amazing views (overshadowing hillsides) windy road, the Vanduzan river following close by, and the
nice company of countryside homes, RV parks and campgrounds. Before too long we hit Grizzly Creek
Redwoods State Park where giant redwood trees come alive right outside our window and ferns
underline the forest floor. Continuing on highway 36 we begin to reach higher elevation, with my ears
starting to pop more and more I see fog covering the hillsides of trees, like a blanket of snow to our
right.  Up ahead on the Highway we begin to see big openings so big and so pretty you 
let your mouth fall open in awe. Midway through the trip we pass by a snowplow truck on the curvy
and slippery road. To our amazement we begin to wonder what this road has to offer next. Continuing
on we then take 9 miles west off Mad river road and hit Ruth Lake at last.  It’s a wide open serene area
with nice peaceful views in the distance with trees all around.  Quiet and relaxing, with the occasional
hawks nests in the distance, We can’t help but take a few shots at the gorgeous sites all around us.
Traveling around the rest of the lake by car we find art in skipping rocks. To our left there are two
fishermen in the distance hoping for a tag of excitement on the line. After a fun few hours of the
enjoyable area we start heading back to grab some lunch. Destination: the Mad River Burger Bar
located also on Highway 36 with the awesome slogan: “Don’t blink or you’ll miss us.” Here we couldn’t
have tasted anything better as wise as food!! It definitely gets two thumbs up for its food service and
variety of many different foods.
 On our way back we decide to take a quick stop in Loleta, and in doing so cross another thing
off our list of 101 things to do, which was taste Loleta cheese. The Loleta Cheese Factory is a  small
family run business famous for its 34 varieties of Medal winning cheeses, that range from Creamy
Monterey Jack to Smoked Salmon Cheddar. With a few samples of Garlic Cheese and Spicy Cheeses I
I was pretty impressed at the fresh, unique great taste. The factory also has other products on sale. So if you’re ever in to taste some great cheese to satisfy your taste buds, don’t think twice about visiting
the Loleta Cheese Factory!

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