To Form a More Perfect Union

I can only imagine that anyone who has written for a news source in their lifetime has the overwhelming desire to make the first article you write your  golden boy. Without hesitation you have to bust out the best news story of your career the first day you write. God only knows that I want this article to be my shining star: it’s just too bad I’m not actually saying anything terribly important. Just know that I’m swinging for the fences with this one, and whether or not I make this script any good, I know I’m going to be disappointed at the final outcome. When Dave Silverbrand announced that he wanted to start up a news medium for the College of the Redwoods students (in spite of the budget cuts hitting the actual school paper, I can only assume), I started thinking that this could be a wonderous opportunity to start doing some extra-curricular activities. The only thing that bothered me at the time was the thought of having so many different styles of people all writing for the same cause. I mean, I’ve never written for a paper before, so I don’t know how it goes in that regard. I wanted to bring up the thought of a democratic idealism amongst the others, yet I knew none of the other people involved. so I contemplated if anyone shared my sentiments, wondering what if it wouldn’t matter. With that said, its a mere hope of mine that personal politics never be brought into the picture, that if you want opinions, turn on your TV, because all of us here could bore you all to sleep with opinions and points of view. The only thing that should be important is that the TRUTH be spread, nothing more, nothing less. So I conclude on this note; all that is necessary is truthfulness throughout one’s being , and if that notion is convoluted beyond comprehension, then the ideology news has truly died.


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