FBI Raids Sonoma State

Most recently, there has been a black cloud of confusion surrounding hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grant money given to Sonoma State University that has all of the sudden vanished. It is alleged that this money was spent on unapproved labor costs, all of which has an even more confusing and uncomplete history of said spending. Amongst these charges by the federal government are the allegations that administrators had received multiple improper payments from nonprofit-agencies which they ran and that the expenses were improperly billed. It is through these series of events that led to a raid of the universities administrative and finances office, in which hundreds of records and materials were seized by the FBI, including faculty computers, as well as whole filing cabinets of records. This makes yet another blundering mess for all ready disliked president, Ruben Arminana, to clean up. Since taking the highest seat on campus in 1992, Arminana has had many controversies surrounding his leadership ability. The percolating dissatisfaction hit a peak in 2007 when the school’s budget was cut to $16 million and state-mandated furloughs were issued. At the time, Arminana refused to lay off administrators while simultaneously cutting classes, and decided not to hire upwards of 100 lecturers.

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