I Believe in a Simple Smile


Perfecting the messy art of finger painting and mastering the tricky ability to write her own name correctly, my sister was finally ready to take the next step in her childhood years. At the curious age of seven, she was attempting to move up in life and was ready to put her big kid skills to the test. My sister had approached the age where she could officially play on a recreational sports team. This new and unfamiliar sport that she soon would try was tee ball and it definitely put finger painting and big lined writing to shame. Being two years younger, I was not yet eligible to make my tee ball debut, which was very disappointing to find out, but I managed to deal with the bad news, and instead I supported my sister by tagging along with my mom to every single practice. By applying challenging elements, especially for a young child, such as hand eye coordination, patients, and talent, my sister along with her team mates soon began to conquer the game of tee ball. I would have done anything to get off of the sidelines and onto the field because I knew I had the ability to play and it looked like a lot of fun too. This desire of mine soon became reality, and, with the request of my parents, the league made an exception and allowed me to play.

Being the cheerful little girl I was, I came to the next practice grinning from ear to ear even though I had recently lost both of my front baby teeth. I was just so excited that I could finally play instead of being the spectator. Still smiling as big as I could with the large gap in the front of my mouth, I was introduced to my new coach. Acknowledging my grand smile and chipper attitude, he knelt down, making himself as close as possible to my level, and then announced to me my very first nickname, smiley. From then on my nickname has stuck and I’ve lived up to it. I smile constantly, not only to make myself feel happy inside and out, but also in hopes to brighten and touch other peoples’ lives around me. I believe that I was called smiley for a reason, and I try my hardest to fulfill that name everyday. Whether I’m serving someone a nicely cooked meal at work, or walking the hallways of school, I always do my day to day routine with a smile on my face because I know that at least it will bring happiness to myself. I believe that it doesn’t hurt to smile every once in awhile; therefore, those who spend their time always frowning should give it a try, in return, they may find that it takes less effort to crack a smile.

Today, looking at my magnet covered fridge, I am constantly reminded of my very first tee ball experience. In the same home that I have lived in since birth, with the same old fridge that I’ve always gotten food out of, lies the picture of the very first year my sister and I played tee ball. This photo captures it all, from our over sized tee ball shirts, to the miniature bats gripped over our shoulders. More importantly, this photo reviles the huge smiles located on both of our faces. These were the good, old, carefree days, and this memory, in particular, will be one that I will never forget. Placed right above my head in the photo, by my mom, in the plastic cover that keeps my tee ball picture protected, is a fortune cookie reading. This fortune, which is a slogan that I strive to live my life by reads: “All you need to do is smile to make others happy.”

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