Fun in Trinidad

With spending a day in Trinidad on our minds we head out for yet another adventure. It takes us a half hour, as we reach Trinidad 19 miles north of Arcata with a population of 500. First on our list of things to do was to see the Trinidad Memorial lighthouse. By the lighthouse we also see many names
on plaques fixed on the retaining walls. There was also a bell toll in memory of the lost sailors. The great thing about Trinidad Park, is its unique and beautiful view. With the sun glistening down on the water, and the occasional breeze with the boats swaying on the water, we just had to get a closer view.

Not far from the lighthouse were wooden stairs leading down to a cliff, ivy on the stairs and bare branches of trees alongside the stairs kept us company on the way down. Soon we were right up on the waves.  What a spectacular scene! Looking down right below our feet at the waves was incredible; it’s the closest I’ve ever become to standing on water! Soon, with nothing else in sight, we start our
journey walking back up the stairs, which was a workout for us all. There were benches at the end of each flight of stairs so we took the opportunity to rest for a few minutes each, at two of the benches.

Sharing the views as we moved up gradually we took turns taking pictures and great stories looking out at sea. We weren’t alone with the bumble-bees pollinating to start spring and occasional chirping of nearby birds. Out on the sea, we notice a kayaker or two as well. Before leaving, we stay for a few more minutes with the sun pouring its rays upon us, and head back.

If ever you get the chance to check out the Trinidad Lighthouse, don’t  think twice about  enjoying the stay. Its incredible!!

Next on our list was Trinidad State Beach. While walking down a Stagecoach Road to get to the beach, we pass the Trinidad Police Department.  Such a shocking site –it was a house! I couldn’t believe it! As we near our destination we start to peer out on the opaque green ocean. Looking in between some trees I saw a unique rock with trees growing on it. We decide to head down on the beach.
Having a ways to go we begin to hike a windy trail, at the very end of the trail before we could hit sand we had to climb some rocks first. Feeling my legs starting to get weak we then find ourselves down on the beach. With the tide coming in we had to be careful not to get too wet. For a good resting point we find ourselves lucky enough to find a redwood tree stump. As the occasional water crashed below us, there was nothing like getting to see the soapy white foam that covered the rocks from the occasional visits of the under-toe. If your ever looking for a good place to boogie-board or catch some waves if you’re a surfer, this would be the place to do it!

From here we decide to cheack out yet another beach  which was Patrick’s Point State Park. A great place to hunt for agates! Driving in it costs 8 dollars for admission but don’t let that fool you. Along the way, you will want to be snapping pictures like never before. A capturing sight for me was a golden sandstone rock in the distance. As soon as we got down on the beach, we found out that it was
made up of what felt like wet compacted sand. The cool part was that there were millions of names printed on there! We found out that people must use it for rock climbing.  Thatwould make sense with how high the names were located on the rock. The Agates out there are also beautiful!  We kept stopping and admiring the precious shiny and glazed stones wet from the receding water. Within
minutes, all  of us had our hands full with our precious gems dear to our hearts.

Other things that capture people to this beach is chasing waves and skipping rocks.
Toward the end of an exciting afternoon we decide to make one last visit to Sumog Village before heading back. Just 6 miles north of Trinidad and west of Highway 101 we soon find ourselves in awe while visiting the centuries old Yurok village. Several houses surprisingly had crawl holes for doors. We also passed by a brush dance pit, where ceremonial dances and plays were to take place. What I found awe-inspiring from this campsite was the canoe made out of redwood. You can tour the village for free daily. Stop at the parks visitor center for a schedule of special Yurok events.
To call it a day we get a bite to eat at Oriental Buffet. But if your ever looking for something to do don’t be afriad to cheak out Trinidad! you’ll be amazed!

 Allison Baumeister

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