Is Living Alone Versus Living with Parents?

For most of us, we spend the first 18 years of our lives or so living with our parents. We become so comfortable with them that we argue, fight and let them know our true feelings, because they will always love us no matter what. Well this gets really old after a while, so most of us move out. Well, minimum wage is not living wage, so finding roommates seems to be the answer. This isn’t always a good idea, especially when Americans like to find random people from Craigslist, friends of friends, or otherwise complete strangers, to live with. I’ve had my fair share of “bad” roommates, and I’m still young. When I first moved out at 18, I moved into a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a good friend of mine, but we needed to find a third roommate, so we turned to good old Craigslist. She looked really good on paper: 22 year old female, HSU student, parents paying rent/bills, had a really well-behaved dog, trying to quit smoking, etc. So when we met her she seemed nice, like she’d be a good roommate. After a few weeks of living with her, we were all sitting in the living room with our laptops, watching TV. It was my friend, her boyfriend, the Craigslist roommate, and me. All of the sudden, the Craigslist roommates asks us if our internet was working, and all of us told her it was working fine. She got really upset and threw her laptop on the floor, breaking her internet card (it was a pretty old laptop.) We all just sat in shock and silence until she got up to go to bed. She’d acted pretty normal before that…the next day we’re all sitting in the living room again, and she picks up her laptop and says, “that’s weird…my internet card is broken.” We all looked at each other like she was crazy, and my friend explained to her that she “dropped” it last night from lack of anything else to say, and the Craigslist roommate said that she didn’t remember. During the following weeks, we noticed patterns of her not remembering certain events that my friend and I remembered clearly. One day, my friend and I came home and noticed that the Craigslist roommate had already gone to bed, which was odd for her since she was a night owl. We saw a note on the kitchen counter that read, “If something is to happen to me, call 911 and give them this journal.” Under the note was the journal. My friend and I opened it, and it was FILLED with dates and times of when she took her medication, how much of it, and when she took it with alcohol, and how much alcohol. The medications she took were for insomnia, anti-depressant, and anti-anxiety. That night, she had taken TWICE her regular dosage of medication, and chased it down with 4 shots of vodka. This definitely explained her random black outs and irregular behavior. We checked up on her, and she turned out to be fine, she wasn’t suicidal or anything, she just liked to kick up the effects of her meds a little…you never know what you’ll get from Craigslist.

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