Woodley Island Visit

     Taking R street that merges to exit 255 our goal for the day was to see Woodley Island located on Humboldt Bay. No sooner than when we get on the  Samoa Bridge you get this sense of power as you look out on Humboldt Bay: it really is a striking yet beautiful view as the water seems to go on forever in the distance. Entering Samoa, we soon find ourselves at Samoa Cookhouse and the Maritime Museum. Unfortunately the Museum ended up closed,  and we were super bummed out. We were just excitedly hoping we would get to see artifacts that would show us about shipwrecks to the lighthouses that lit the way for all the boats in the harbor. However with the Maritime Museum being closed we decide to explore the docks on Woodley Island before coming back to get a bite to eat.                 As soon as we hit the Dock we walk along the Don Clauson Embarcadero, with great views alongside us. To our right we can see Old Town Eureka not far away, with the Carson Mansion looming in the distance. Going down on the ramps to get closer  to the boats and water it’s an amazing view being so close to each boat. Some up along the docks begin to  make screeching noises that keep company alongside us. Getting back up the embarcadero we spy café Marina for its elegance in sea food and fine dining. Circling back we head toward the front of the Marina we pass the Table Bluff Lighthouse built in 1892. It was absolutely stunning while getting to see it close up. The Bridge was moved to Woodley Island exactly one century later after being built. Another distinctive point of interest on Humboldt bay is “ The Fisherman” which is a stunning and captivating sculpture made out of copper, to remember loved ones lost at sea.                 Getting hungry, we then tackle Samoa Cookhouse across the bay. Samoa Cookhouse is a strong replica that the logging town Eureka is known as, yet it continues its tradition in serving lots of great food lumber camp style. The main dish served for lunch was Chicken parmesan. You also get other entrée items alongside your main dish including saled with your own choice of dressing, fresh baked beans, and bread with soup. And to top it all off you got to save room for dessert which we were treated with delicious apple pie! The one thing you can safely say about Samoa Cookhouse is it won’t leave you leaving hungry.

                To finish the day off we check out a little bit of what shops have to offer in Old Town Eureka. Walking through Old Town Square we pass pidgeons as they get disturbed when a young kid rides his bike joyfully around Old Town Square. The first shop we stop in is Giara’s Irish Shop Known for its different types of clothing imported from Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, and even Canada. The clothing runs from classic to dressy to sweaters and hats. The next shop we stop in is Bootleggers. I was amazed to see so many books at one time! On various subjects from world history to psychology. Next we stop in going places. In that store we saw a travel sized hairdryer and straightener, with many other items from travel sized bags to atlas’s on where to go around the world. With no other stores in mind we then head outside to see the city of eureka’s boardwalk. It was nice to view Woodley Island from across the bay from a different view, and say that weve been there all from the magazine 101 things to do in Humboldt County!

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