A Night to Remember

  “Without lament, without a friend and with no marriage song, I’m being led in this miserable state, along my final road. So wretched that I no longer have the right to look upon the sun, that sacred eye. But my fate prompts no tears, and no friend mourns.”

These are the words spoken by Antigone, brave daughter of Oedipus, who sacrifices herself in order to have her brother’s proper burial rights be performed. Written by the infamous Sophoclese, along with other Theban plays such as Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colunus, Antigone is a Greek tragedy that could never be forgotten. The role of Antigone, played by our very own Johani Guerrero, gives an excellent performance that certainly brought tears to my eyes. The intense passion and brilliant acting not only by the star, but by everyone that participated in this season’s production of Antigone, was by far the best I’ve seen since NRCT’s Arsenic and Old Lace just last year.

Born of a warrior father, Antigone was a free and determined spirit that would do anything to keep her people and her family safe. Her uncle, King Creon, thought her brother to be a traitor to the royal family and put out a law that no citizen was to give her brother any grief or a proper burial on pain of death, but Antigone was headstrong and went against her uncle’s rules. Paying the price, she was brought to the throne room and sentenced to death.

It is truly a tragedy, a woman fighting for her brother’s rites to live happily in the afterlife, but in her bravery she taught us all a lesson. Stand up for your rights to believe in something you are truly devoted to and never give up!

Amber Farrington

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