Should I Stay or Should I Go

It seems as if the ones who have grown-up and lived in Humboldt all of their early and teen years can’t wait until the time when high school graduation rolls around and then they’re finally able to break free of this place they have always called home. As for myself, I was part of the percentage that stayed local and enrolled into College of the Redwoods. Now I’ve reached the point in time where I will be graduating from CR, and I will again have to decide my future destiny of either staying here to climb the ladder up from CR to Humboldt State, or to venture off to a different, unfamiliar place where I’d have to start out a fresh new life.

In relationship to this decision I was going to have to make, I was flipping through a magazine the other day and I came across a quote stated by Carrie Underwood a now famous country singer. She was quoted saying that “if you stick to what you only know, then you are selling yourself short.” This quote really grabbed my attention. To Carrie Underwood she lived by this quote because she took that leap of faith by going from a small town country girl, to trying out for American Idol, and then making it big. In making my decision, I look back at this quote and realize that trying something new maybe a good idea…

Kristen Pinto

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