Kayaking on Big Lagoon

On a Sunday morning we set off for yet another adventure this time with the group of ASCR students. We take seven miles north of Trinidad to the Big Lagoon County Park to spend a day in the sun kayaking. As soon as we get there we begin to loosen up as a group, as we form a circle, introduce ourselves and our favorite stretches. Derek, our group leader from North Coast Adventure also leads us along a walk on the sand dunes  between the rough ocean and the glistening calm lake. It helps loosen us up and get us used to the area. Feeling the refreshing air off the waves we turn around and head back, its such perfect kayacking weather with the sun and soft breeze entering early afternoon.

With the help of Kayak Zac’s they get our kayak’s ready for us on shore.  In the meantime, we walk over to get our life jackets and paddles before we get ready to head out on our instructed tour. Next, Marcie our friendly instructor from Kayak Zac’s, showed us the basics of kayaking. Spreading out as a group she taught us the proper way to hold a paddle and how to paddle correctly. Marcie also showed us how to get in and out of a kayack the proper way. When it was time to launch and get in our kayak for the first time I was rather excited to get in the water.

Once we got off into the water it was hard to get used to the paddling at first, but then I felt the rythm coming along. Marcie would watch us every once in a while to see if we were doing it right. She would give us tips on what we still needed to work on, but encouraged us that comfort is the main thing. Its not entell you get in a kayak that you realize how relaxing kayaking is. Being so close to the water for my first time was rather awesome, the scenery as well, does not get any better while you are calm lake enjoying the sun. There was a time on our tour that we had to weave inbetween these bushes, but it was really gorgeous. A couple times my partner and I would crash into the branches, and other times we got to do the limbo underneath the branches. Midway though our tour, Marcie brought us to some land; a pretty serene quiet area, to take a break, stretch, while some took it upon themselves to jump in the water. With the warmest part of our day approaching we soon decided to head back. On the way back I noticed my arms didn’t hurt as much as before, also the current of the water was against us.

With the occasional spashes against the kayak, the water and fresh breeze was rather refreshing on the way back. Before we departed as a group, we circled up with Derek one last time to thank our fabulous instructor Marcie, say a few last words and to say goodbye to the others. Taking this tour for me was a highlight. Before this I had never thought I would get to experiance such a wonderful, relaxing, calming water sport. If you’re ever up for good scenery, and a enjoyable ride look no farther than kayaking on Big Lagoon!!!

Alison Baumeister

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