A Place I Call Heaven

The never ending smooth but powerful ringlets of water crash onto a soft, misted surface. Groups of silky, white, California gulls soar by almost gracing the salty cyan water, while the moist khaki colored sand rubs between my toes. Could you imagine a world with no beach? Where would the water go to meet the land? Without the calm, soothing, sandy surface, I would be left with no place to go and let my thoughts flow off into a salty breeze.

Murky tones of light grays and dark blues fills the cloudy sky. These gloomy but interesting stratocumulus clouds join together creating many different organic shapes. This watercolor that fills the sky contains many dreary strokes of indigo and charcoal which bled together generating an eerie backdrop. Sporadic breaks of lucent sky peek through the obscure clouds. The rays of light sweep down upon the mixed emerald green and royal blue water, which seem to go on forever in the distance. At certain points, a radiant stream of light would hit the water creating a sparkle effect like a billion of diamonds placed together. Catching a glimpse of this shimmer fills my body with a clear and tranquil sensation.

Continuing to swirl is the greenish blue water which creates a cylinder ring, and once this ring reaches its highest point it falls dramatically, pouring up towards the already dampened sandy shoreline. The never ending waves come flowing in one after the other, so quickly, that there is no time to spare in between. The waves remind me of a rolling pebble being pushed off a never ending cliff. They also provide a placid crashing sound that echoes off into the distance. More groups of soundless gulls glide by in the fresh ocean air. Some gulls appear to be playing tag with one another, as they zigzag in different directions past each other.

Cold, light brown sand lays all around me. The uncountable number of ruff sand grains join together which makes a bumpy texture that covers the shoreline. Farther away from the shoreline the sand piles up creating dunes. The surface of the dunes are uneven and look as if they were the curves of a camel’s back. On top of the dunes lay yellow green bundles of long European beach grass, which reminds me of porcupine spikes. The grassy hills move and flow when the thin salty breeze exhales over them. Watching the straw like grass sway back and forth in the wind brings a calm feeling over me. Every turn I take, serene nature engulfs me. To the side of me there is a painted outline of massive, towering, mountains. The distant mountains have a curvy but gentle profile. Out in the salty liquid, large, bulky rocks conglomerate together forming the North Jetty. Tumbling waves roll in hitting the tremendous wall that creates violent, mighty sprays of mists which shoots up twenty feet into the air.

A whole different kind of life encircles me while being at the beach. The calm, peaceful, surroundings can take all of my stressful feelings away, and in return, my body is given a whole new replenished feeling. From just sitting at the beach and being surrounded by all of the breath taking nature, I can relax, clear my head, and just enjoy the moment without having to worry about the stressfulness of reality. Taking the time to view all of the beautiful, complex, scenery I notice more specific details then I ever have before, and in that point in time, I recognized that these elements should not be taken for granted.

 Kristen Pinto

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