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Legalize Prostitution? One Opinion

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

 With the recent debate over Graigslist I started thinking about the concept of sex being illegal.  Which lead me to research the history of and laws pertaining to prostitution.                 

 Prostitution is considered the world’s oldest profession.  Trading sex for other goods or services is certainly not a new or novel concept.  According to Wikipedia, prostitution falls into the sex industry category which makes perfect sense.  What doesn’t make sense is that pornography film stars operate within the “legal” spectrum while Prostituting does not.  I have yet to find this gray dividing line that separates the two.  I believe the performers being filmed having sexual intercourse (as well as almost every other fathomable sexual activity) in a movie are getting paid for the activity.  What is the difference that makes one act legal while the other is considered illegal?  Is it that one participant isn’t paying the other or because they are both being paid by someone not physically involved in the action?  Maybe there is a Law that allows sexual displays if the enjoyment is faked.  I’m at a loss.                 

Generally, the act of Prostitution in the U.S. became illegal between 1910 and 1915 due largely to the efforts of The Women’s Temperance Union, the very same group that helped to bring about Prohibition.  In California It wasn’t until 1961 that we introduced Penal Code 647 prohibiting “disorderly conduct,” which includes acts of  prostitution (647b).  Persons guilty of Penal code 647 (f)  includes being under the influence (of whatever) in a public place and the list goes on.  This Code contains 1,559 words, sections a – j with subsections to some.   There is a lot of taxpayer money spent on “vice” squads that vigorously go after the prostitutes, their Johns, .                 

I know there are potential dangers in the business of prostituting, and though violence may occur during any encounter the largest incidences occur to the “street walkers”.  The street walkers constitute about 20% of the methods used to engage in the business.  Pertaining to the Graigslist debate I feel the Attorney Generals are seeking political attention.  The self righteous do-gooders that have deemed themselves our moral guardians should get a life and tend to their own affairs.                

According to SHOUSE,  which is a Sex Crimes Consultations service on the web, the term “Prostitution” means engaging in sexual intercourse or any lewd act with another person in exchange for money or other consideration.   The “or other considerations” could mean just about anything at all.   A “lewd” act is defined as any act that involves touching the genitals, buttocks, or female breast of either person by another person that is done with the specific intent to arouse or gratify sexually.  Don’t slap your girlfriend/boyfriend on the butt in public, that’s a lewd act.  What about that dinner date?  Hmm, I guess if a sexual activity occurs after dinner and a movie the cops could use a restaurant and movie receipts as proof of payment.  Dang, never thought about it like that.               

Turn on the TV and watch a commercial.  Sexual references are everywhere and for a simple reason, because sex sells.  You can’t deny a Viagra add isn’t promoting sex.  The sole purpose of Viagra is to aid in the act of sex.  All the legal sexual aids that are sold are not for display purposes only.   You think the on-line dating services are strictly platonic?  What if I leave money on the nightstand for my girlfriend after having sex the previous night?  I didn’t think she was a prostitute but this law says she is.  These are but a few items or thoughts that now leave me puzzled in regards to our bi-polar views toward sex and sexuality.                      In a society with so many “dangerous” individuals I think the Officers we pay to “Protect and Serve” should apply their time and energy much more productively.  Chase the dangerous people, the murders, rapists, and child abusers.  Leave the ones providing pleasure and hurting no-one alone, or offer them some protection from the predators in our society.  I just don’t understand how the agreement between two consenting adults to engage in a sexual activity is the business of anyone other than the two adults engaging, let alone the Government.  After reading some of the law I believe we all engage in prostitution without ever realizing it, or at least if you’re having sex.

                Maybe I’ll expand on some situations that place the concept of how the occurrence of sex and the presence of money seem to have a close relationship.  Regardless of whether money is changing hands for or being spent in the pursuit of, sex and money are inseparable.  We can purchase food, alcohol,  a place to sleep one night, or any number of short term pleasures.  Why shouldn’t a person be able to purchase a sexually gratifying experience.  Oh yeah, we can watch it legally but don’t you dare think about doing it yourself.  It’s ridiculous.

        Brian Fleming

You Shouldn’t Microwave Cupped Noodles A.K.A Cup O’ Noodles

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010


          On a rather rainy afternoon, I had at the spur of the moment decided to  buy cupped noodles along with water to boil them in. Being this was my first time buying cupped noodles; I had put in more water than really needed before placing said noodles in the microwave. However, I had noticed something rather significant in very small print that said “Do Not Place in Microwave”. Feeling I had made a very amateurish mistake, I pointed out my new found revelation to a complete stranger whose name I never asked. He told me that he as well didn’t know this fact before proclaiming it to his friend, leaving the cafeteria with him.

From this, I began to ponder how many people lacked this information. I asked my roommate Austin if he knew this and he said no telling me “My mother made it for me before and I don’t know if she microwaved it or not.” On an unrelated trip to the Aikido center for a Zen Buddhism service, I had asked my cab driver in a Holden Caulfield-esque way if she knew said fact about cupped noodles. She told me she didn’t and that her sister ate them all the time before I went back to my comedic banter of a conversation I was having with her.

Now, for the reason behind why you shouldn’t microwave cupped noodles, dear readers. The cups they are in are Styrofoam, which isn’t microwave friendly. Being I’m not a Doctor, I don’t know what adverse health effects it may cause but I was just fine eating them after I microwaved the cup. However, the public should know this information as so many lack it and thus it became this article. As for me, I shall be looking for my next story that will better help mankind. I shall be under a pen name when writing said articles but my initials are S.S. so that I may take credit for my own work. Yes, this is indeed the story of an eccentric.

D.P. Wilson 9/22/10

Does Your Vote Count?

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

       With no being yes and yes being no, it could have been difficult to vote by these wordings. Proposition 8 was the gay marriage proposal which came about in last year’s elections in the state of  California. It was the most talked about proposition in that election and when you voted you believed it one way or another.           

     This article is not to talk whether or not you think gays should have the right to be married like a man and a wife do. It’s about the Federal judge who overturned everybody’s vote that voted yes on prop 8. With more than 72 percent of people voting yes on prop 8 to ban gay marriage in California and just 28 percent wanting it to be allowed. Well, all of those votes don’t even matter anymore because a Federal judge, Vaughn Walker, of California has decided to overrule our votes and make it legal.            The government gets mad when there aren’t as many people voting in elections as there should be. It makes sense now why we don’t vote as much as we used too. If I vote one way and that way wins and the federal judges can change it, what’s the point of voting?       

     We vote because we are a democracy and a judge should not be able to over throw the whole entire states vote. It wasn’t even a close vote –72 percent to 28 percent. With those kinds of numbers it’s wrong for anyone to just throw our votes away, regardless of the side you take. A Federal judge should be limited in his power.

Landon Stone 9/21/2010

Makings of a Leader

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Three Key Goals in Life 

            Leadership is like turning one small thing into one big thing. It’s like turning a W3-L26 basketball team into state champions. I prove to be a leader in everything I do. Whether it’s participating in class or being active on the basketball court. I’m always being a leader. Leadership is key to everything in life. Without leadership, I don’t think anyone can succeed in life. One of my goals in life is to be the best leader possible. I believe the best form of leadership is taking charge in any and everything you do, while giving it one hundred and ten percent. With leadership, everything comes together. Leadership is essential to every type of lifestyle.

            Loyalty comes in the simplest forms, such as love and honesty. Loyalty is what people depend on to survive the harsh realities of the real world. When facing severe hardships, you want to be able to go to someone you can trust, like family and friends. Having loyal people support me makes me want to strive to the best of my ability so I will know I’m doing all I can to prove my loyalty back to them. It’s a way of showing respect.

            Determination is the will power everyone should possess to succeed, to never give up, and to forever push forward. Without determination, I would be no where in life. It keeps me alive and wanting more. Determination gives me the strength to carry out my goals and dreams in life. Possessing such a strong characteristic provides me with the correct mind set to do just that. It is well needed in a young man such as myself. Having determination proves to everyone including myself, I have what it takes to succeed.


Shaquille Jones

Legalize Pot? CR students sound-off

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

What do students think about the legalization of marijuana?  A few ideas:

“Legalization could have a positive effect because we could copyright the ‘Humboldt County’ name.”   –Ame’

“It could abolish us or we could flourish with the Humboldt name, depending on which company gets a hold of it.”  — John

“So, will the smoking section be divided into tobacco and marijuana now?” — Anonymous

“I like the way it is now.  I like how it’s privately owned over goverment control.” — Austin

“As with the regulation of tobacco, the regulation of marijuana would become at least as bad if not worse, hurting the Mom and Pop growers.” — Solomon

“Legalization will destroy the Humboldt County economy.” — Anonymous Grower