Legalize Pot? CR students sound-off

What do students think about the legalization of marijuana?  A few ideas:

“Legalization could have a positive effect because we could copyright the ‘Humboldt County’ name.”   –Ame’

“It could abolish us or we could flourish with the Humboldt name, depending on which company gets a hold of it.”  — John

“So, will the smoking section be divided into tobacco and marijuana now?” — Anonymous

“I like the way it is now.  I like how it’s privately owned over goverment control.” — Austin

“As with the regulation of tobacco, the regulation of marijuana would become at least as bad if not worse, hurting the Mom and Pop growers.” — Solomon

“Legalization will destroy the Humboldt County economy.” — Anonymous Grower

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  1. non contributor says:

    What is legalization of pot related to at CR? It seems like a silly artical to have students work on when there are more important issues such as the currupt staff, and less than helpful advisors just to name two.

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