Does Your Vote Count?

       With no being yes and yes being no, it could have been difficult to vote by these wordings. Proposition 8 was the gay marriage proposal which came about in last year’s elections in the state of  California. It was the most talked about proposition in that election and when you voted you believed it one way or another.           

     This article is not to talk whether or not you think gays should have the right to be married like a man and a wife do. It’s about the Federal judge who overturned everybody’s vote that voted yes on prop 8. With more than 72 percent of people voting yes on prop 8 to ban gay marriage in California and just 28 percent wanting it to be allowed. Well, all of those votes don’t even matter anymore because a Federal judge, Vaughn Walker, of California has decided to overrule our votes and make it legal.            The government gets mad when there aren’t as many people voting in elections as there should be. It makes sense now why we don’t vote as much as we used too. If I vote one way and that way wins and the federal judges can change it, what’s the point of voting?       

     We vote because we are a democracy and a judge should not be able to over throw the whole entire states vote. It wasn’t even a close vote –72 percent to 28 percent. With those kinds of numbers it’s wrong for anyone to just throw our votes away, regardless of the side you take. A Federal judge should be limited in his power.

Landon Stone 9/21/2010

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  1. admin says:

    Can anyone else say Socialism? I mean, really now. The next vote they should have is getting him the hell out of office.
    -D.P. Wilson.

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