Makings of a Leader

Three Key Goals in Life 

            Leadership is like turning one small thing into one big thing. It’s like turning a W3-L26 basketball team into state champions. I prove to be a leader in everything I do. Whether it’s participating in class or being active on the basketball court. I’m always being a leader. Leadership is key to everything in life. Without leadership, I don’t think anyone can succeed in life. One of my goals in life is to be the best leader possible. I believe the best form of leadership is taking charge in any and everything you do, while giving it one hundred and ten percent. With leadership, everything comes together. Leadership is essential to every type of lifestyle.

            Loyalty comes in the simplest forms, such as love and honesty. Loyalty is what people depend on to survive the harsh realities of the real world. When facing severe hardships, you want to be able to go to someone you can trust, like family and friends. Having loyal people support me makes me want to strive to the best of my ability so I will know I’m doing all I can to prove my loyalty back to them. It’s a way of showing respect.

            Determination is the will power everyone should possess to succeed, to never give up, and to forever push forward. Without determination, I would be no where in life. It keeps me alive and wanting more. Determination gives me the strength to carry out my goals and dreams in life. Possessing such a strong characteristic provides me with the correct mind set to do just that. It is well needed in a young man such as myself. Having determination proves to everyone including myself, I have what it takes to succeed.


Shaquille Jones

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