You Shouldn’t Microwave Cupped Noodles A.K.A Cup O’ Noodles


          On a rather rainy afternoon, I had at the spur of the moment decided to  buy cupped noodles along with water to boil them in. Being this was my first time buying cupped noodles; I had put in more water than really needed before placing said noodles in the microwave. However, I had noticed something rather significant in very small print that said “Do Not Place in Microwave”. Feeling I had made a very amateurish mistake, I pointed out my new found revelation to a complete stranger whose name I never asked. He told me that he as well didn’t know this fact before proclaiming it to his friend, leaving the cafeteria with him.

From this, I began to ponder how many people lacked this information. I asked my roommate Austin if he knew this and he said no telling me “My mother made it for me before and I don’t know if she microwaved it or not.” On an unrelated trip to the Aikido center for a Zen Buddhism service, I had asked my cab driver in a Holden Caulfield-esque way if she knew said fact about cupped noodles. She told me she didn’t and that her sister ate them all the time before I went back to my comedic banter of a conversation I was having with her.

Now, for the reason behind why you shouldn’t microwave cupped noodles, dear readers. The cups they are in are Styrofoam, which isn’t microwave friendly. Being I’m not a Doctor, I don’t know what adverse health effects it may cause but I was just fine eating them after I microwaved the cup. However, the public should know this information as so many lack it and thus it became this article. As for me, I shall be looking for my next story that will better help mankind. I shall be under a pen name when writing said articles but my initials are S.S. so that I may take credit for my own work. Yes, this is indeed the story of an eccentric.

D.P. Wilson 9/22/10

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