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Rastafari and Reggae

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Off the coast of Cuba is the very small island of Jamaica. Though its size is comparable to that of Connecticut, this island has given birth to things not bound by the size of the island. The island of Jamaica has developed the movement of Rastafari. and given us the musical style of Reggae.

It may not be the most highly organized, but the movement of Rastafari is still very prominent. In this movement, people believe in only one power, and that everyone is equal. Rastas will often refer to themselves as “I and I.” This is used normally to replace the word “we.” The reason for this is because of the belief that the holy spirit that relies within us is what makes us all one in the same. Some Rastas accept the Christian doctrine, but they most often feel the teachings of Jesus Christ were influenced and corrupted by Babylon.

Music has been a largely integrated part of the Rastafari movement, and Reggae was originally derived from the Rastafari movement in Jamaica. The slow, steady pace of this music is very melodic and features offbeat rhythms. It is with the help of Bob Marley, a Reggae musician and singer-songwriter, that Reggae and the movement of Rastafari swept to international lengths. Bob Marley actively shared the ideas of Rastafari through his music.

Though Bob Marley’s life has long been ended, his music is still very much alive. In fact, followers of Bob Marley continue to keep Bob Marley alive by believing in what he believed in, and that is that movement of Rastafari.

Trevor Smith

Nature Preserve

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Student Outrage Over Cold

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

“This is bull—-.”  This is the attitude in a CR Journalism class, summed up by one student.  “We have come to the president about this problem numerous times, and you guys have refused to do anything about it.  This is getting ridiculous.”  The cause?  The continued lack of heating in the forum classrooms.  I’m currently sitting in FM 100, and it’s  cold-colder than outdoors.  For the entire Fall semester, there has been no central heating.  At an 8:30 class with inside temperatures approaching ?

Ed. Note: Maintenance workers at CR have begun working on the heating system in Forum 100.  They say they expect to have the system fully rectified.

Legalize Prostitution – Part 2 An Opinion

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

                With a bit more digging I found that no other state(s) draw that fine line between Prostitution and being a Porn star.  California is the only one that make the technical separation due to who is paying who and/or how the sexual action is portrayed.  The California Court made a legal distinction in the case of People v. Freeman between someone who took part in a sexual relationship for money (prostitution) versus someone who takes on the act of merely portraying a role where a sexual relationship was engaged in on-screen act as part of their acting performance.  Wow, so I guess if you have a third person not directly involved with the sexual act and filmed it you can’t be charged with Prostitution.  See  Pornographic actor and Prostitution in Wikipedia for a more information.                I still can’t see the rational in making the activity of sexual enjoyment illegal, when between consenting adults.  If we’re to get somewhat technical I think we all sell ourselves for monetary gain in this world.  Isn’t the professional athlete selling his body.  That would include our Bodybuilding Governor.  It’s likely  he would have never been such a box office draw if it weren’t for his physical attributes.  Even a construction worker, office worker, College Professor or Police Officer makes their money based on their physical/mental ability and get promoted for doing their jobs well.  America has to get out of their moral superior puritan mind set and stop wasting our (tax payers) money on vice squads and focus on the negative aspects of prostitution rather than the general business of prostitution.  It’s going to be there either way so why not make it legal, safer for all concerned and quite possible have a money generator vs. a money pit.                 Considering the term, “or other considerations,” applied to how an act of prostitution is determined, I’m bamboozled. Now I’m not wanting to upset anyone off here but, as a guy, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t provide some kind of consideration in the dating game.  Movies, dinner, admission fees to a club, drinks, flowers, if you’re lucky a motel room.  Heck, I paid a babysitter to watch the kids so me and my last girlfriend could stay the night at a motel and, well, you know. Aren’t all these considerations of some kind?   I don’t think every woman is a prostitute or that any that had sex with me were prostitutes.  It’s just how our society seems to work.  The guys tend to pick up the tab, not always but for the most part.                  I bet a lot of people reading this think I’m just a sex nut or something.  I don’t think I’m obsessed with it anymore than any other person.  I get peeved thinking that something that can be so pleasurable when shared between two consenting adults should be considered illegal.   I believe the a-sexual individuals in power that force their righteous beliefs down our throats can go piss up a rope.  Every so often we hear about one of them having a mistress on the side or partaking in the forbidden fruit.  A man I have always admired is John F Kennedy, but if people want to get self righteous and bigoted we could definitely call him a “John” because he had many extramarital affairs and I bet there were “other considerations” involved there.  As well as many prominent figures, political or otherwise, throughout history and likely today.                Here’s something interesting.  I conducted a non-scientific pole here at the college.  I might have phrased the question different but, oh well, this is all new to me and I did what I did.  I left space for a comment and asked, ” With the activity of sexual interaction being legal in the adult industry, namely pornography.  Do you think Prostitution should be legalized?”  I ended up with 47 yes, 46 no, and 7 undecided.  Interesting?  Sure, but what caught my attention were the comments.  Several of the no’s stated that it would promote the spread of STD’s.  On the contrary, the main reason prostitution is regulated in Europe is to control the spread (of STD’s) and it has helped.  Another was the forcing of women (or children) into the business.  Again this only confirms my reasoning for legalization.   Rather than wasting money going after the people willfully engaging in the sex for money transaction, why not apply the funds going after the scrupulous trash behind the scenes that are really endangering others?  Wouldn’t that be more beneficial to society?  Wouldn’t that increase public safety further than chasing Johns and prostitutes?   Wouldn’t that make more sense?    I don’t deny there would still be negative aspects associated with the sales of sex.  I am just of the mindset that the easily focused upon willing participants shouldn’t be the main targets of law enforcement.  Target the brutal pimps, the victimizing predators, the child traffickers.  Take out the trash and the house won’t smell like garbage.  Oh yeah, I did get a couple people that thought sex was a sin, immoral and that I should pray to Jesus for salvation.  Whatever, to each their own but that won’t make it go away nor should that belief be forced upon the larger percentage of society that does not embrace the same belief.  As with any law there would have to be adjustments made to make it plausible (improve upon it) and make it appropriately address the concerns of society.  Everything in our society must be adaptable to the current public opinion, to have something “written in stone” is counterproductive to our legal wellbeing in my opinion.  Even the writers of our Constitution knew this to be true and therefore included Article V, which addresses Amendments that are to be “…Part of this Constitution…”    

                Would love to see some comments on the issue with some sort of justification as to why someone feels this way or that about it.  Don’t be scared, be anonymous but you have to speak up if you want to be heard.          

Brian Fleming

Give Change a Chance

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Often times I find myself looking back on certain goals I wished I had reached, and seeing that even though I never reached these goals, the journey that I went through was just as rewarding as the goal that was set.

Most of us had dreams in childhood that changed as we progressed through life. Some of us might see that our childhood dreams were fulfilled, and others may find that their dreams were not reached, but that the road that was taken to reach the dream was equally important as the dream itself.

Experience as a general concept is comprised of knowledge of, skill in, or an observation. This knowledge is then used to acquire a gain through the involvement of an event.  That definition may be vague, but experience is vague in its own way. Each and every individual has a mixture of experience that is truly original to them. Personal experience is not only what keeps life interesting by providing individuals with multiple interpretations and views, but it also is what shapes the path we take in our lives. Time is very much like a river, it will continue to flow even after our death. However, where we end up at the moment of death is influenced by where our experience guides us.

The history of the word “experience” is very closely related to the concept of experiment.  Both involve the lack and gain of knowledge. We try new things and receive new results.  Many scientists conduct an experiment with the intention of finding results that coincide with the proposed hypothesis. However, it is when the results come up different from the hypothesis, that the scientists truly learn how something works.

Reporters are another good example of the Goal vs. The Road to The Goal theory. They often run into what is called “the media blockade.” In this blockade, reporters are usually sent out to grab the scoop in a certain event. However, if reporters find that the event isn’t as informative as what was previously hoped for, then a new story has to be presented.  The new story can either be horrible, or it can lead to a greater story than the original.

Though trying new things is often very difficult for most people to do, it is very important for individuals to experience life a little differently every day. In the end, we’re only putting ourselves in the way of possibly finding something new and different. Give change a chance!

Trevor Smith

(ed. note) This is a Summary of the latest topic in Dave Silverbrand’s Journalism 5 class.  More information pending.

Fun with the Scuba Diving Club

Monday, October 25th, 2010


This is the story of a club that likes to go diving. It is not like the diving in a pool, but it is the real thing dealing with danger and protection for safety. What talking about is scuba diving club. This club is a Humboldt community club who has a magazine about them. The magazine is called “California Diving News”. In this magazine it has stories about what’s happening about the world, and also about the sea animals that live in the ocean. Also in this magazine you find out how to be safe in the ocean and have the right equipment to swim in the ocean. There is also the calendar of what’s to happen in the following dates in different areas for the scuba divers. Now it is time to talk about the club. The visitors who come here to talk about what they find in their experience while diving in the ocean. They also have a projector to display movies about what they did in the ocean showing a lot of different fishes or animals in the ocean around the coral reefs.


I had interviewed the couple who came to the restaurant first. The couple’s names are Donna White the wife and Dave White the husband. I asked them about the club and other things as well. What I found out by them from Donna she quotes: “we have been coming here for 15 yrs. This club is called the Humboldt Skin Dive Club for Divers or people would like to dive for free. This club is for promoting safe diving. This club has also be running for 51-54yrs.” They are a happy couple who are in their own way a fine type of people to be friends with. I would like to give thanks to Dave White and Donna White for the interview.


Andy Chan


What the Heck is Frolf?

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

                Frolf, also known as Frisbee golf or Disc golf, is a sport very similar to regular golf.  This sport doesn’t use clubs and golf balls, but instead you only use Frisbees / discs.  College of the Redwoods has recently designed and built their first 18 hole disc golf course circling half the campus.  This sport is increasing in popularity greatly.  All the courses in Humboldt County are free to use, and kept clean with the help of park and recreation employees.  Some locations for courses in Humboldt are Manila, HSU, CR, Arcata River pump station, and Coopers Gulch.  This sport is a laid back, casual game where almost anyone can play.  The objective is to throw your disc from a Tee off box and land it inside of a metal chained basket in the least amount of throws.  Most of the courses in Humboldt are Par 3 courses.  This means that if you can make your disc into the basket in 3 throws you have received a Par for that hole.  Other scores are; 1 throw is an ace, 2 under par (only possible with Par 4 or bigger) is an eagle, 1 under par is a birdie, and 1 over par is a bogie.  There are many different ways to throw a disc, depending where you want the disc to go will change your grip and style of throw.  Some of the types of throws are; backhands, flick (sidearm), thumber, tomahawk, and a few putting styles.  Each throw will determine where the disc is supposed to go, whether you’re aiming left or right.  Also, the type of disc will change the flight pattern.  There are hundreds of types and styles of discs.  A few brands are Discraft and Innova, which are the brands I use.  There are three distinct categories for the discs, putters, midrange and drivers.  After playing this sport for awhile you begin to learn what most of your discs are going to do every time you throw them, which will help you improve your frolf skills.  There are tournaments that occur every few months around the county where you can see where your skills stand against others.  This sport is great for serious and casual players, it is fun, outdoors, and FREE!

By Travis Tollner

Thoughts About Sigmund Freud

Friday, October 22nd, 2010


             The  video  clip  we  watched  in  journalism 5  class  on  the  date  of  September  30th, 2010   about  “ Sigmund  Freud “,  I  thought  brought  a lot  of  information  about  his  intelligence,  and  people  had  their  views  and  opinions  and  ideas  from  their  experiences  signaling “ Sigmund  Freud,”  and  of  what  the  people  saw  in  his  life  and  then  life  and  other  people’s  lifes.

            Hearing  about  a  man  named “ Edward  Barnays”,  whom  I  haven’t  heard  before , until  I  seen  the  video-clip – I  thought  was  a  entrepreneur,  or  someone  of  particular circumstances  of  a  leader  in  his  own  right.  Showing  the  documentary  titled “  Crowds  and  Behavior”  showed  crowds  of  people  and  their  behaviors  of  nineteen  thirties  or  and  nineteen  forties,  or  was  it  the  nineteen  twenties?  The  war  and  propaganda  was  a  series  of  events  that  changed  people’s  public  relations  and  needs.  Was  there  a  war  zone?

            Edward  Barnay  spoke  his  mind  and  what  seemed  to  be  question among  the  masses  of  idealism  and  information  about  Sigmund  Freud.

            A  thought  came  to  my  mind  in  question.  “ Did  these  people  that  spoke  about “ Sigmund  Freud”  really  knew  him  personally?”  It  seemed  while  I  watched  this  video-clip  and  documentary,” Crowds  and  Behaviors,”  he  wasn’t  shown,  or  was  it  a  time  in  his  life  of  earlier  segment?  I  thought  the  people  that  spoke  about  “ Sigmund Freud”  like  historians  that  were  educated.  I  know  they  must  have  researched.  I  like the  statement  about  Sigmund  Freud’s ideas  of  human mind  of  psychotherapy .

            The  lady  states  that  people  had  the  proud  of  feelings  of   somebody


          Thought  and  question and  society

  I  couldn’t  understand  why  or  what  isn’t  good  about  hose  positive  feelings  because  she   said  it  wasn’t  a  good  thing  because  theirselves  would  form  into  bits. Did  she mean people  bid  and  bet  for  or  against  each  other?  And  for  what  reasons?  What  does  respect  for  each  other  would mean  if  honesty  and  admiration  and  question aren’t   important  factors.

            Sigmund  Freud  analyzed  dreams  and  feelings  of  repression,  states  a  voice  of  opinion  in  the video clip   documentary  and  also  states  that  repression  would be  too dangerous  of our  consciousness  called, “psychoanalygis.”  President  Wilson  wanted  to  bring  democracy  to  the  world,  which  I  admired- The Peace Conference.”   What  also  admired  me  was  that  Edward Barnays  writings  turned  to  human  forces  of  human  beings  wondering  how  to  make  money  of  human  conscious . I  wonder  if  his  writings  were  of  other  things  than  money?

 Richard Hill

Healthcare – The Pulse of Politics

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Ultra conservatives think that a free health care plan isn’t a good thing to implement because it’s not socialistic. They believe that by giving a free health care plan, we would lose a piece of our individuality by being treated equally in healthcare. In Cuba, ill-stricken individuals are not walking around the streets aimlessly. These sick people are cared for in hospitals despite the fact that a lot of them are on very limited budgets. They are charged a very small amount of money for medication, and discharged when their health status has reached normal again.

 Now, I am not saying Cuba doesn’t have its faults because it certainly does. For example, only having two societal classes of people is a big problem. However, when it comes to healthcare, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to submit our individuality for the sake of being healthy? Doesn’t everyone deserve to be equally healthy regardless of the amount of money you currently have? Cuba may have only two classes of people in its society, but they are both treated equally when it comes to healthcare.

Michael Moore, an American film maker, brings the topic of free healthcare to our attention through a single video he produced. In this video, Moore takes September 11th survivors who don’t have enough money to pay for healthcare, and brings them to Cuba for treatment.  Though Moore uses a lot of theatrical elements behind the video, the overall message behind the video is solid. Why should we be denied healthcare because we don’t have the money to pay for it? Who is it that gets to decide whether we live in pain and agony, or if we live healthy and physically painless?

Unfortunately, one of the issues behind free healthcare in the U.S. is that going to medical school is a tremendous sum of money.  Our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers would not be able to pay off their medical school loans if they did not make a large amount of money. In order to learn how to become part of the healthcare workforce, one has to be able to balance the payment for medical school with a high salary. It’s a vicious cycle that runs through our citizens and circulates straight to the sick people who need health care, but can barely make enough money to pay for food and for their bills.

With our society being largely based around money, it seems that free healthcare is a long distance away. But again, why can’t we live healthy without the need for large sums of money?

Trevor Smith

Cuba- Island Paradise and Cold War Survivor

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Though it relies only ninety miles off the coast of Florida, we have relatively no contact with the island of Cuba. Since Cuba aligned itself with the Soviet Union, it has been segregated from the United States. Only full time journalists with credentials can try flying straight to Cuba from the U.S. to test the embargo. However, after battling the vague federal law, journalists will have to fly to a neutral country and then travel to Cuba.  This separation has forced Cuba to rely mainly on its own resources. The people of Cuba have an interesting point of view on this separation. While the Cubans do blame our government for the separation, they do not blame our people.

Where many of the other parts of the world have evolved, Cuba has merely survived. This survival is the result of the people’s ability to recycle. Low class Cubans use recycled materials just to sustain tolerable living conditions for their families.  In Cuba, recycling is a survival technique, but recycling here in the U.S. tends to be more of a trend.

Cuba is separated into two classes of societal hierarchy. One of them is the high class. They usually have gatherings in large buildings that are embellished with pricey items from top to bottom. The other class is the low class. These people recycle used items just for the sake of survival.  Unfortunately, the separation between these two classes of people has no intersecting point because Cuba has no middle class. One either has money, or recycles the scraps lying around to live.

In addition, it’s not surprising that Cuban baseball players are more skillful than ours. Though Baseball is but our everyday hobby, Baseball in Cuba is more of a ticket out of poverty. If one isn’t born into a rich family, then being able to play baseball is the only option for escape.

Trevor Smith