What $5 Will Buy — a Priceless Time

How much is five dollars worth?

The people attending the final Humboldt Grange Breakfast for the year found this a great price for a full meal.  The Humboldt Grange 501, Located on Humboldt Hill Road has followed this trend of hosting these breakfasts on the third Saturday of the month for years. Run by several long time grange workers, and a group of Boy Scouts.

The menu they offer is small but classic, consisting of biscuits and gravy or pancakes, Ham or Sausage, and Eggs as you want them. I noticed they were a bit faster then usual, roughly being 10 minutes between ordering and getting my plate. During the wait I was told by my neighbors at the table that the Pancakes and Ham were like great home cooking.  That seems a bit of a step down from the usual like ‘Grandma used to make’ I have heard from other patrons before. My own food was well worth savoring, and the coffee wasn’t bad if a little cold near closing time.  The eggs might have needed a bit of work as well.

On the third Saturday of the month until October the Grange Hall hosts these breakfasts, going till roughly 11 in the morning depending on the flow of customers.

The Grange hall will be hosting a harvest dinner on the sixth of November. Starting at 3:00 and running until 7:00. The Grange Breakfasts will resume next year.

Lucas Connell

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