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Giants Head to the Post-Season

Jarrod Watts

The San Francisco Giants are off to the post season and are the National League West Champions for the first time in seven years. The 2010 season had been a long and difficult ride. After struggling through the first few months of the regular season, the Giants seemed to be off to the same fraught start as they had been in previous years. Last season’s star, Pablo Sandoval, was not producing in any particular area. From hitting to fielding, Sandoval was lacking the same spark that he had shown Giants fans one year before.

                In a time of need, the Giants looked to their bull pen to save them from yet another disastrous season. With new manager Bruce Bochey, they hoped to add some new flare to the somewhat declining franchise. He began with some key mid season additions in Pat Burrell, Cody Ross, and Jose Guillen. But the Giants had a secret weapon hiding in the minor league, Buster Posey.

Posey was brought up from San Francisco’s Farm League team at the beginning of this season. After the loss of their veteran catcher, Benji Molina, the Giants added Posey to the starting lineup. He began with what might be considered a slow start, only coming into contact with the ball in his first 17 at bats with no homeruns, and no RBI’s. Many fans started to doubt Bruce Bochey’s decision in bringing Posey up to the big league and letting him play with the pros. Later into the season though, Posey came to play, batting at an incredible .308 average and hitting 18 homeruns. This rookie was now definitely in the hunt for the National League Rookie of the Year Award. He quickly became the face of a franchise on the rise, and arguably the best rookie catcher in the MLB. Along with the boost of Posey’s implausible skill, Tim Lincecum, the Giants ace pitcher, was pitching astoundingly well.

In the month of September, Lincecum had five wins, one loss, and an ERA of 1.92. Helping as well was closer Brian Wilson; Wilson had 48 saved games and a 1.18 ERA. Wilson is one of the strongest closers in the NL, with his solid numbers and charisma; he became the “x factor” in getting the Giants to the playoffs this season.

Coming in to the end of the season, the Giants led the San Diego Padres by three games, and had a three game series against the Padres

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