An Irate Story of Despair

I have always been a negative person for as long as I can remember but because of it I am highly optimistic. However, my own soul feels it shall be shattered unto the dust from whence mankind first came. Yesterday itself seems like paradise compared to this night where I went to the mall to basically window shop and enjoy the arcade, even though I wasted more money then I wanted to. Eh, such self-reflection is through as the idea of making an article about day is pointless compared to this. This is my story.

The day began lethargically as most days do for everyone, waking up late to the bright sunlight. With my slight venture of the mall yesterday, I felt I wouldn’t have the chance to go out today but rather save my money for laundry instead of bus fare. What I lacked in change for fair, I made up for in green paper. I am like anyone else, I enjoy pleasure.

I decided upon my eccentric self that even though I lack means to travel, I would still enjoy an exotic dinner. This is where my despair begins. Earlier, I had chosen that I would enjoy some sushi from the Kyoto restaurant in town. Foolish was I to believe the internet that said they delivered because they don’t. Now, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

With my dream of enjoying a Japanese meal gone, I turned to the idea of ordering pizza. Big Lou’s seemed alright by their website, can’t say since I’m not a local of Eureka nor California. Can you guess the answer I got? “Sorry, but we don’t deliver all the way out there.” is what the women said to me. Now, we begin to sink into the abyss.

With that hope gone, what was there left for me?  A silver lining had appeared before me with Food’s Here. All I was required to do was order from a restaurant, which I had now chose my meal being a Reuben sandwich with a fountain soda  From Philly Cheese Steak Shoppe. There is no happy ending to this story as the women told me she didn’t know if Food’s Here delivered to the college to which she told me she’d call me back with the same answer I received before.

What the hell do they mean by that!? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the town only 5-10 miles from the college!? That shouldn’t be too far for a delivery, in my opinion. Has the city of Eureka raised itself above this college as we seem lower in status to it? I just can’t understand it.

What has this whole experience left me with besides eating Easy- Mac knock off noodles with chopsticks because I have no fork? Simple; that you shouldn’t always think you can order in so easily. It also gives me the insight to let you, my readers, know likewise about Eureak’s  delivery service that doesn’t exist with all I’ve attempted. With everything said and done I leave you with this Haiku.


This is a story of caution,


As it’s a story of woe,


From my own exhaustion,


What is it that you know?

   -D.P. Wilson 10/9/10

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