The Bridge Club

This is a little event that happened in the Chan’s Restaurant’s party room. The Bridge Club came to play like they always do in a month. This games starts at 12pm-4pm. That is four hours playing cards. Before the people came to the restaurant my family and I help move all the tables away to set up for the Bridge Club game.


The first person to come to this game was Director Mark Nichols who is the overseer, and a member to play the game. He was the one who brought all the tables and scoring equipment here in the back room. Before more of the other people came I decide to ask him how long this game has been play for. He told me that he didn’t know all the information of where it had started, but he did give me this quote instead. “That Bridge had been going for a long time. These groups here, which he was playing with, belong to the ACBL. It is a piece of a huge community of players of the game.’ Then after I talked to him more people started to come in so I decide to leave the room. After I left the room I decide to look up on the computer what ACBL stands for. ACBL stands for American Contract Bridge League. This website tells you about the history and organization of the game, and able you to learn how to play the game of Bridge. So if you are interested in the game go to this site here.


H ere are some photos I toke while at the front door of the room. The second picture has Mark on the right of the picture.

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