What We Learn from San Francisco

Most likely, one has visited a city or two at some point in their life, but has anyone ever really thought about what powers were at work behind the city, or about questioning the driving essence behind what makes the city feel so alive?

If there is but one city that demonstrates this cultural metaphor to its fullest, it would have to be San Francisco. A massive flood of people washed into San Francisco.  What was their reason for doing so? A movement of activity was developing, people there were thought see life differently, and big things were starting to arise. One of those things in particular was the Hippie Movement. San Francisco was built off of the idea that the people living there had a different outlook on life, and with the Hippie Movement being involved with San Francisco, a large group of curious city goers began to really flock into the city. What these large groups found was nothing short of an ongoing experience, and those who lived in San Francisco at the time, have a whole different frame of reference than someone who lived in another area at the time.

One particular tone behind the city was working hard for what you wanted. If there was but one voice to sum up having to work for what you wanted in San Francisco, it would have to be from the mouth of Janis Joplin. You can almost hear her symbolic songs echoing in the background of San Francisco.

However, it seems our society has “grown up” somewhat since the 1960s and the days of Janis Joplin. If you were involved in the Hippie Movement in San Francisco, and left the city to live somewhere else, you probably would not find the same city. The underlying tone of San Francisco would still be the same, but the environment would be drastically different.

The one thing that draws my attention is that although many people have moved away from San Francisco, the city will never give up on its people. You will always be able to go there, and find yourself with some type of experience. Be that in visiting a historical monument, watching a baseball game, or just walking down the street in the middle of the day. I believe that it is this aspect that makes the city feel so alive.

Trevor Smith

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