Giants Bring CR Baseball Fever

On Monday October 11, 2010 the San Francisco Giants won the National League Division Championship. The last time they had this honor was eight years ago behind a power hitting Barry Bonds and a well managed Dusty Baker baseball team. The 2002 Giants would go on to lose the World Series in seven games to the then called Los Angeles Angels. The currently known San Francisco Giants have never won a World Series in the Golden State. The last time the Giants were able to achieve this honor was in 1954 when the team was known as the New York Giants. Behind a Hall of Fame caliber player, Willie Mays, the New York Giants swept the Cleveland Indians to win the title.

After a nail biting season, the Giants are off to the National League Championship Series for the first time in eight years. With an exceptional pitching performance by Giants ace Tim Lincecum, who in game one allowed no runs and only two hits, this team was off to an impressive start. In game two of the NLDS, the pitching staff of the Giants was strong, but unable to seize a victory from the resilient Atlanta Braves’ offense. After the tough loss in game two at home, the Giants were on the road to Atlanta, where the Braves held the best home record in the MLB this year. Jonathan Sanchez pitched in game three, where it seemed that the Giants offense had finally showed up to play, winning the contest by a score of 3-2.  In the fourth game of this series, coach Bruce Bochy showed faith in his twenty one year old rookie Madison Bumgarner and put him on the mound to start in what ended up being a series deciding game in Atlanta. Bumgarner had a very strong performance, allowing only two runs before he was relieved by the Giant’s bullpen. Winning that game sent the Giants further into their post season to face Roy Halladay and the Philadelphia Phillies in a seven game NLCS showdown.

What is more notable is the Giants Pitching staff, having an ERA of .93, the lowest ERA in the Major League since the 1996 Braves, who went to the World Series. This Giants pitching squad has been virtually unhittable in the post season as we saw against one of the best offensive teams in the National league, the Atlanta Braves. Tim Lincecum also known as The Freak, because of his pitching ability, allowed only two hits in the first game of this series setting the pace for the games to come. Baseball hasn’t seen three pitchers of this caliber on one team in the last twenty years. Even rookie Madison Bumgarner made history in game four, becoming the youngest Giant’s pitcher to ever win a post season game, and the second youngest pitcher in MLB history to win a series clinching game. And then there is closer Brian Wilson, who leads the league in saves. Wilson has had two saves in this series, allowing one run and three hits. This Giant’s bullpen is by far the strongest pitching crew in team history, maybe even league history. To watch what could be history in the making, tune in on Saturday, October 16th on your local Fox network.

Jarrod Watts

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