Thoughts on the Summer of Love

Last week we talked about San Francisco and the Haight Ashbury district. The Haight Ashbury district stands as a beacon of peace and the spreading of universal love. In the 1960’s people flocked to Haight from all over, especially in ’67 which is now referred to as the Summer of Love. Haight Ashbury was full of music, culture, drugs and people from different backgrounds coming together.  Outsiders questioned this and the “hippie temptation” arguing that the hippies wanted to rebel against society by withdrawing from it instead of changing it. Ultimately the Haight Ashbury became overcrowded with homelessness and drug problems and full of crime. People ended up going back to where they had come and were encouraged to revolutionize where they were instead of coming back to the Haight Ashbury district. Today numerous of people still visit to feel and experience the significance of what had occurred many years ago. Sure overtime the Haight has evolved with stores and people but it will forever have the same vibe and feelings as it had back in the 60’s, always calling one to come and visits its streets, just as long as they have a flower in their hair.

Michelle Stacy

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