Cuba- Island Paradise and Cold War Survivor

Though it relies only ninety miles off the coast of Florida, we have relatively no contact with the island of Cuba. Since Cuba aligned itself with the Soviet Union, it has been segregated from the United States. Only full time journalists with credentials can try flying straight to Cuba from the U.S. to test the embargo. However, after battling the vague federal law, journalists will have to fly to a neutral country and then travel to Cuba.  This separation has forced Cuba to rely mainly on its own resources. The people of Cuba have an interesting point of view on this separation. While the Cubans do blame our government for the separation, they do not blame our people.

Where many of the other parts of the world have evolved, Cuba has merely survived. This survival is the result of the people’s ability to recycle. Low class Cubans use recycled materials just to sustain tolerable living conditions for their families.  In Cuba, recycling is a survival technique, but recycling here in the U.S. tends to be more of a trend.

Cuba is separated into two classes of societal hierarchy. One of them is the high class. They usually have gatherings in large buildings that are embellished with pricey items from top to bottom. The other class is the low class. These people recycle used items just for the sake of survival.  Unfortunately, the separation between these two classes of people has no intersecting point because Cuba has no middle class. One either has money, or recycles the scraps lying around to live.

In addition, it’s not surprising that Cuban baseball players are more skillful than ours. Though Baseball is but our everyday hobby, Baseball in Cuba is more of a ticket out of poverty. If one isn’t born into a rich family, then being able to play baseball is the only option for escape.

Trevor Smith

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