How to Feel Good About Yourself

One of the wonderful and amazing things about my life is that as a sociology major and budding social activist, I constantly get bombarded with awesome links and websites and movements.  Sometimes, the things my friends piss me right the hell off, and sometimes they merely irritate, and sometimes, they make me want to let out a completely-inappropriate-and-kind-of-humiliating fangirl squeal.  Today, thank God, has been filled with squealing, to the point I feel driven to share them with you.

One of my big go-to passions is body acceptance.  I’ll be completely honest with you: I’m not a skinny chick.  I’m probably over the line of what most people would refer to as “pleasingly plump”.  And (here’s the important part) I’m okay with that.  Sure, I have rough days, when I can’t stand to look in the mirror, but I really think that everyone does, regardless of size, shape, color, blemish, etc.  Some days, there is nothing going right, and damn it, why won’t my hair cooperate?!  But overall?  I think I’m pretty damned fabulous.  Today, by the way, was one of those days where I felt like crap–and it took a stern, compassionate talking-to to make me reevaluate and see my own worth.

Today, also, I was sent one of those fantastic links I mentioned earlier.  It’s a website dedicated to healthy body image in general, and a social movement oriented toward changing negative body image and stereotypes specifically.  They do little covert things like sneak into department store dressing rooms and put up stickers on the mirrors that say things like, “That’s YOU.  And you don’t need ANY airbrushing.”  I don’t know about you, but if I were to see that on a dressing room mirror, I’d buy the shirt that made me feel beautiful and just a little sexy.  And I’d probably strut a little bit, too.

Check ’em out.  Maybe get involved.  Maybe start some guerrilla positivity up here, yourself.  Maybe just drop a well-deserved compliment on someone, when they least expect it, and maybe even drop that compliment on that person when you’re having that crappy day.  I promise you’ll feel better.

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