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Ultra conservatives think that a free health care plan isn’t a good thing to implement because it’s not socialistic. They believe that by giving a free health care plan, we would lose a piece of our individuality by being treated equally in healthcare. In Cuba, ill-stricken individuals are not walking around the streets aimlessly. These sick people are cared for in hospitals despite the fact that a lot of them are on very limited budgets. They are charged a very small amount of money for medication, and discharged when their health status has reached normal again.

 Now, I am not saying Cuba doesn’t have its faults because it certainly does. For example, only having two societal classes of people is a big problem. However, when it comes to healthcare, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to submit our individuality for the sake of being healthy? Doesn’t everyone deserve to be equally healthy regardless of the amount of money you currently have? Cuba may have only two classes of people in its society, but they are both treated equally when it comes to healthcare.

Michael Moore, an American film maker, brings the topic of free healthcare to our attention through a single video he produced. In this video, Moore takes September 11th survivors who don’t have enough money to pay for healthcare, and brings them to Cuba for treatment.  Though Moore uses a lot of theatrical elements behind the video, the overall message behind the video is solid. Why should we be denied healthcare because we don’t have the money to pay for it? Who is it that gets to decide whether we live in pain and agony, or if we live healthy and physically painless?

Unfortunately, one of the issues behind free healthcare in the U.S. is that going to medical school is a tremendous sum of money.  Our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers would not be able to pay off their medical school loans if they did not make a large amount of money. In order to learn how to become part of the healthcare workforce, one has to be able to balance the payment for medical school with a high salary. It’s a vicious cycle that runs through our citizens and circulates straight to the sick people who need health care, but can barely make enough money to pay for food and for their bills.

With our society being largely based around money, it seems that free healthcare is a long distance away. But again, why can’t we live healthy without the need for large sums of money?

Trevor Smith

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