What the Heck is Frolf?

                Frolf, also known as Frisbee golf or Disc golf, is a sport very similar to regular golf.  This sport doesn’t use clubs and golf balls, but instead you only use Frisbees / discs.  College of the Redwoods has recently designed and built their first 18 hole disc golf course circling half the campus.  This sport is increasing in popularity greatly.  All the courses in Humboldt County are free to use, and kept clean with the help of park and recreation employees.  Some locations for courses in Humboldt are Manila, HSU, CR, Arcata River pump station, and Coopers Gulch.  This sport is a laid back, casual game where almost anyone can play.  The objective is to throw your disc from a Tee off box and land it inside of a metal chained basket in the least amount of throws.  Most of the courses in Humboldt are Par 3 courses.  This means that if you can make your disc into the basket in 3 throws you have received a Par for that hole.  Other scores are; 1 throw is an ace, 2 under par (only possible with Par 4 or bigger) is an eagle, 1 under par is a birdie, and 1 over par is a bogie.  There are many different ways to throw a disc, depending where you want the disc to go will change your grip and style of throw.  Some of the types of throws are; backhands, flick (sidearm), thumber, tomahawk, and a few putting styles.  Each throw will determine where the disc is supposed to go, whether you’re aiming left or right.  Also, the type of disc will change the flight pattern.  There are hundreds of types and styles of discs.  A few brands are Discraft and Innova, which are the brands I use.  There are three distinct categories for the discs, putters, midrange and drivers.  After playing this sport for awhile you begin to learn what most of your discs are going to do every time you throw them, which will help you improve your frolf skills.  There are tournaments that occur every few months around the county where you can see where your skills stand against others.  This sport is great for serious and casual players, it is fun, outdoors, and FREE!

By Travis Tollner

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