Fun with the Scuba Diving Club


This is the story of a club that likes to go diving. It is not like the diving in a pool, but it is the real thing dealing with danger and protection for safety. What talking about is scuba diving club. This club is a Humboldt community club who has a magazine about them. The magazine is called “California Diving News”. In this magazine it has stories about what’s happening about the world, and also about the sea animals that live in the ocean. Also in this magazine you find out how to be safe in the ocean and have the right equipment to swim in the ocean. There is also the calendar of what’s to happen in the following dates in different areas for the scuba divers. Now it is time to talk about the club. The visitors who come here to talk about what they find in their experience while diving in the ocean. They also have a projector to display movies about what they did in the ocean showing a lot of different fishes or animals in the ocean around the coral reefs.


I had interviewed the couple who came to the restaurant first. The couple’s names are Donna White the wife and Dave White the husband. I asked them about the club and other things as well. What I found out by them from Donna she quotes: “we have been coming here for 15 yrs. This club is called the Humboldt Skin Dive Club for Divers or people would like to dive for free. This club is for promoting safe diving. This club has also be running for 51-54yrs.” They are a happy couple who are in their own way a fine type of people to be friends with. I would like to give thanks to Dave White and Donna White for the interview.


Andy Chan


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