Give Change a Chance

Often times I find myself looking back on certain goals I wished I had reached, and seeing that even though I never reached these goals, the journey that I went through was just as rewarding as the goal that was set.

Most of us had dreams in childhood that changed as we progressed through life. Some of us might see that our childhood dreams were fulfilled, and others may find that their dreams were not reached, but that the road that was taken to reach the dream was equally important as the dream itself.

Experience as a general concept is comprised of knowledge of, skill in, or an observation. This knowledge is then used to acquire a gain through the involvement of an event.  That definition may be vague, but experience is vague in its own way. Each and every individual has a mixture of experience that is truly original to them. Personal experience is not only what keeps life interesting by providing individuals with multiple interpretations and views, but it also is what shapes the path we take in our lives. Time is very much like a river, it will continue to flow even after our death. However, where we end up at the moment of death is influenced by where our experience guides us.

The history of the word “experience” is very closely related to the concept of experiment.  Both involve the lack and gain of knowledge. We try new things and receive new results.  Many scientists conduct an experiment with the intention of finding results that coincide with the proposed hypothesis. However, it is when the results come up different from the hypothesis, that the scientists truly learn how something works.

Reporters are another good example of the Goal vs. The Road to The Goal theory. They often run into what is called “the media blockade.” In this blockade, reporters are usually sent out to grab the scoop in a certain event. However, if reporters find that the event isn’t as informative as what was previously hoped for, then a new story has to be presented.  The new story can either be horrible, or it can lead to a greater story than the original.

Though trying new things is often very difficult for most people to do, it is very important for individuals to experience life a little differently every day. In the end, we’re only putting ourselves in the way of possibly finding something new and different. Give change a chance!

Trevor Smith

(ed. note) This is a Summary of the latest topic in Dave Silverbrand’s Journalism 5 class.  More information pending.

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