Legalize Prostitution – Part 2 An Opinion

                With a bit more digging I found that no other state(s) draw that fine line between Prostitution and being a Porn star.  California is the only one that make the technical separation due to who is paying who and/or how the sexual action is portrayed.  The California Court made a legal distinction in the case of People v. Freeman between someone who took part in a sexual relationship for money (prostitution) versus someone who takes on the act of merely portraying a role where a sexual relationship was engaged in on-screen act as part of their acting performance.  Wow, so I guess if you have a third person not directly involved with the sexual act and filmed it you can’t be charged with Prostitution.  See  Pornographic actor and Prostitution in Wikipedia for a more information.                I still can’t see the rational in making the activity of sexual enjoyment illegal, when between consenting adults.  If we’re to get somewhat technical I think we all sell ourselves for monetary gain in this world.  Isn’t the professional athlete selling his body.  That would include our Bodybuilding Governor.  It’s likely  he would have never been such a box office draw if it weren’t for his physical attributes.  Even a construction worker, office worker, College Professor or Police Officer makes their money based on their physical/mental ability and get promoted for doing their jobs well.  America has to get out of their moral superior puritan mind set and stop wasting our (tax payers) money on vice squads and focus on the negative aspects of prostitution rather than the general business of prostitution.  It’s going to be there either way so why not make it legal, safer for all concerned and quite possible have a money generator vs. a money pit.                 Considering the term, “or other considerations,” applied to how an act of prostitution is determined, I’m bamboozled. Now I’m not wanting to upset anyone off here but, as a guy, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t provide some kind of consideration in the dating game.  Movies, dinner, admission fees to a club, drinks, flowers, if you’re lucky a motel room.  Heck, I paid a babysitter to watch the kids so me and my last girlfriend could stay the night at a motel and, well, you know. Aren’t all these considerations of some kind?   I don’t think every woman is a prostitute or that any that had sex with me were prostitutes.  It’s just how our society seems to work.  The guys tend to pick up the tab, not always but for the most part.                  I bet a lot of people reading this think I’m just a sex nut or something.  I don’t think I’m obsessed with it anymore than any other person.  I get peeved thinking that something that can be so pleasurable when shared between two consenting adults should be considered illegal.   I believe the a-sexual individuals in power that force their righteous beliefs down our throats can go piss up a rope.  Every so often we hear about one of them having a mistress on the side or partaking in the forbidden fruit.  A man I have always admired is John F Kennedy, but if people want to get self righteous and bigoted we could definitely call him a “John” because he had many extramarital affairs and I bet there were “other considerations” involved there.  As well as many prominent figures, political or otherwise, throughout history and likely today.                Here’s something interesting.  I conducted a non-scientific pole here at the college.  I might have phrased the question different but, oh well, this is all new to me and I did what I did.  I left space for a comment and asked, ” With the activity of sexual interaction being legal in the adult industry, namely pornography.  Do you think Prostitution should be legalized?”  I ended up with 47 yes, 46 no, and 7 undecided.  Interesting?  Sure, but what caught my attention were the comments.  Several of the no’s stated that it would promote the spread of STD’s.  On the contrary, the main reason prostitution is regulated in Europe is to control the spread (of STD’s) and it has helped.  Another was the forcing of women (or children) into the business.  Again this only confirms my reasoning for legalization.   Rather than wasting money going after the people willfully engaging in the sex for money transaction, why not apply the funds going after the scrupulous trash behind the scenes that are really endangering others?  Wouldn’t that be more beneficial to society?  Wouldn’t that increase public safety further than chasing Johns and prostitutes?   Wouldn’t that make more sense?    I don’t deny there would still be negative aspects associated with the sales of sex.  I am just of the mindset that the easily focused upon willing participants shouldn’t be the main targets of law enforcement.  Target the brutal pimps, the victimizing predators, the child traffickers.  Take out the trash and the house won’t smell like garbage.  Oh yeah, I did get a couple people that thought sex was a sin, immoral and that I should pray to Jesus for salvation.  Whatever, to each their own but that won’t make it go away nor should that belief be forced upon the larger percentage of society that does not embrace the same belief.  As with any law there would have to be adjustments made to make it plausible (improve upon it) and make it appropriately address the concerns of society.  Everything in our society must be adaptable to the current public opinion, to have something “written in stone” is counterproductive to our legal wellbeing in my opinion.  Even the writers of our Constitution knew this to be true and therefore included Article V, which addresses Amendments that are to be “…Part of this Constitution…”    

                Would love to see some comments on the issue with some sort of justification as to why someone feels this way or that about it.  Don’t be scared, be anonymous but you have to speak up if you want to be heard.          

Brian Fleming

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