Rastafari and Reggae

Off the coast of Cuba is the very small island of Jamaica. Though its size is comparable to that of Connecticut, this island has given birth to things not bound by the size of the island. The island of Jamaica has developed the movement of Rastafari. and given us the musical style of Reggae.

It may not be the most highly organized, but the movement of Rastafari is still very prominent. In this movement, people believe in only one power, and that everyone is equal. Rastas will often refer to themselves as “I and I.” This is used normally to replace the word “we.” The reason for this is because of the belief that the holy spirit that relies within us is what makes us all one in the same. Some Rastas accept the Christian doctrine, but they most often feel the teachings of Jesus Christ were influenced and corrupted by Babylon.

Music has been a largely integrated part of the Rastafari movement, and Reggae was originally derived from the Rastafari movement in Jamaica. The slow, steady pace of this music is very melodic and features offbeat rhythms. It is with the help of Bob Marley, a Reggae musician and singer-songwriter, that Reggae and the movement of Rastafari swept to international lengths. Bob Marley actively shared the ideas of Rastafari through his music.

Though Bob Marley’s life has long been ended, his music is still very much alive. In fact, followers of Bob Marley continue to keep Bob Marley alive by believing in what he believed in, and that is that movement of Rastafari.

Trevor Smith

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