A Decline in Manners

It’s hard to place blame solely on the media for the lack of manners displayed by today’s generation. I think one could easily argue that parents contribute to this problem as well.  I can’t help but see some of the crude behavior reflected in younger generations growing worse. 

I think it’s true that teenagers and young children are very impressionable, and with the current economy you find more working parents leaving kids parked in front of the TV.  More often then not, many kids who grow up watching reality TV shows like “Jersey Shore,” develop behavior that most people in society would deem rude and inappropriate.  I have noticed that a lot of young kids, teenagers especially, have adopted an attitude of indifference. If something they are doing is hurtful or annoying to someone else, they fail to see things from a different perspective, and this tends to hurt them later.  If you think back to your grandparents’ time you might notice the level of respect a child demonstrated for others was greater. Somewhere along the line, a negative generational shift in manners happened.

Teaching kids to realize how they act has a big impact on how they are perceived as individuals. It would also be helpful to train them to look at things from other peoples’ perspectives and to become more sympathetic and less bossy. All these skills would allow them to learn to resolve potential conflict and enhance their relationships with others. We live in a society where, although it’s not required that we like everyone, it’s important to learn to respect other peoples’ perspectives and to compromise, in an effort to learn to work together peacefully.  

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