A Picture Worth a Million Bucks

Whenever I see the word paparazzi, I instantly have an image of a large group of people holding flashing cameras that are aimed at celebrities.  We are all aware of the paparazzi and how it has drastically grown right alongside the media. However, it seems that today the paparazzi have expanded to bizarre heights when it comes to grabbing the “perfect” picture.

How far is too far for the paparazzi?

Ron Gellela, perhaps one of the biggest influences in U.S. paparazzi culture, is a key example of paparazzi at their worst.  Gallela has a passion for snapping pictures of celebrities doing abnormal celebrity things, but he goes above and beyond what anyone should do to come into possession of these photos. For example, he has posed as an invited guest to a private ceremony, and has forged his own credentials while posing as a professional photographer. The absurd part is that he encourages other photojournalists to do so as well. It is unfortunate that these tactics actually work, but they come with a hefty price. Ron Gallela has been manhandled on multiple occasions throughout his life.

What makes the story of Ron Gallela so fascinating, is that he is pretty much a celebrity himself. Celebrities are entitled to privacy against the public, but do not have the right of privacy against each other.

What makes the paparazzi any different from a normal person?

Most paparazzi are willing to get the shot, no matter what the cost these individuals are willing to bend the law just for the sake of getting the perfect shot.  The sad thing is that these individuals are trying to make a living doing this, so they have to go to extreme lengths to make the money needed to live off of.

So, why do these abnormal celebrity pictures sell? We as a society wish to see celebrities have at least some mishaps because they are portrayed as perfect individuals. On screen these celebrities are buffed until flawless, and we yearn to view them doing things the regular public might do. However, most of the time celebrities are caught doing things that would embarrass an individual, such as vomiting beside a road, or accidentally making a funny face on camera.

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