The Gift of Laughter

Laughter is probably one of the most useful tools when sharing an opinion.  If you can laugh at something, you can recognize the reality behind it. John Stewart has the ability to create an opinion by presenting it as a joke. Sure he’s a comedian and that is his job, but he publicly shares his opinion by filling us with laughter from his jokes. Stewart can make us laugh about things that wouldn’t normally be funny. Such things like politics, things about the media, but mostly things that are striving to be perfect. John Stewart constantly points out that, we as humans are by no means perfect, but it is our imperfections that make us truly unique as individuals, and if we can’t laugh at ourselves, how can we even think about laughing at each other?

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was led by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The rally’s purpose was to point out that people become deranged when discussing politics and approach each other negatively when opposing viewpoints meet. The rally was supporting logical debate, as well as fostering feelings of equality. A heated argument can have very positive effects. Sharing one’s beliefs is not a crime, but a lot of the time it’s a hard thing to do. I know from experience that sharing personal beliefs and opinions can lead into places of vulnerability, but doing so leads to a more open debate. As individuals we should be able to share our opinion without being criticized or mocked, and although this type of behavior will probably take place forever, those who do mock others for their beliefs are narrow-minded, and care only for their own viewpoint.

Stewart’s ending speech at the rally focused on how we as citizens, work together to get things done. He gives us a nice analogy which sums up as; we accept each other every day for our differences because we are all going to the same place, and that even though there will be a select few who cut in front of the line, they are rare and despised.  There is a substantial amount of truth behind what Stewart believes.  If we didn’t work together and give at least a little compromise once in awhile, we wouldn’t have accomplished what we have.

So even if you’re a comedian, a politician, or a college student, sharing your beliefs is the most essential way to gain insight, as well as give insight to another person whose beliefs are different from yours. In addition, just because viewpoints are different, doesn’t mean we can’t give a little compromise and at least hear each other out.

Trevor Smith

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