What Black Friday Means to You

 It seems like just yesterday my house was getting bombarded with dozens of black Friday ads. Saving 40% of this, and getting $100 dollars off on that, oh and we can’t forget those three for one deals. Fighting over silly things like who will beat who running down the aisles of Target just to get that last Ipod on the shelf. It’s crazy how such a magical time of year can also bring out the savage bargain hunter in you, and believe it or not that magical savage day is just around the corner, so people get your running shoes ready, keep your coupons at hand, and let the mad dash begin.

            Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving(Thursday) is not an official government holiday as many employees will most definitely not receive the day off. The increased number of shoppers creates the busiest shopping day of the year. To accommodate the rush, many retailers open as early as 4am and offer “loss leaders” and limited quantity sales to entice people to their stores. This year the estimate number of in store shoppers will jump 54 million number of shoppers from the year 2007, the holiday sales percentage will jump 8.4%, and the number of online shoppers(since last year 2009) will jump from $595 million to a billion, just because people will be trying to avoid the craziness and competences this day brings. Thank goodness for internet shopping being so popular now, saving people the hassle of leaving their own house and assuring them they can purchase an item without starting a brawl with another costumer. However, the average dollar amount each shopper spends has dropped about $17 per person since 2007, thanks to these hard economic times.

            Black Friday cheats and inside scoops are all over the internet as people give you tips on where to shop, where to find things cheaper and cheapest, and what products will be on all the popular stores ads before they are even sent out in the mail. I see scouting reports aren’t just for your favorite athlete or sports team, it’s for your favorite store now too. Black Friday is not to be looked upon lightly, just the other day I saw a page that told me to come “like” Black Friday on Facebook.  It’s becoming Facebook official now? Now we know this day is serious!!    

Shanley Schoenhofer

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