What is Current TV?

It’s not often that we can actually find a television show on current events that actually interests us. Most of what is shown on television today, in regards to current events, is shown through documentaries that fail to really capture younger age groups. However, there are certain shows that can really get the younger crowd to tune in.

It’s not easy to create a show that generally interests a specific audience. However, U.S. Vice President Al Gore and Joel Hyatt have been considerably successful. Before the launch of Current TV, Gore and Hyatt were eager to start a conventional cable news network. The two had been so discouraged by what was being shown on the news that they wished to establish a huge, accurate source of news.

Current TV offers a number of innovative shows.

·         Vanguard:  An award winning show that explores issues ranging from around the world through a journalists point of view.

·         Embedded:  This show goes behind the scenes with popular musicians traveling on tour and shows what happens outside their public performances.

·         InfoMania:  A satirical news show that offers a comedic touch to the bombardment of information brought by the media.

·         Rotten Tomatoes: Shows you current worthless films that are coming to theaters.

·         SuperNews!: A comedy series that brings the problems of everyday, and pushes it to the extreme through animated characters.

·         Max & Jason: Still Up: A late night wrap up of videos and issues from around the globe.

One show in particular, Vanguard, offers fresh faced journalists that are outstandingly dedicated to getting the story behind current events. These journalists are not beyond getting into a dangerous situation to bring a good story.

Although television has its ups and downs on bringing current information that shows us not what we want to see, but what is actually happening, U.S. Vice President Al Gore and Joel Hyatt have created an option for viewers who wish to explore beyond what the media normally televises.

Trevor Smith

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