CR Women’s Soccer Scores Big

     This soccer season at College of the Redwoods was the best season that women’s soccer has ever had at CR.  We only lost one league game and beat Butte Community College for the first time to make history at CR.  Also, as many games as we won this season was more games then CR has ever won combined in the history of the womens soccer program.  I found this season of soccer to be very exciting, inspirational and tough all in one.  

     My team worked hard to get to the point we got too.  We had practice everyday at 7 am for three an a half months.  Not only were we waking up early everyday to drive to CR to become a better player but also we had to miss tons of school.  For me it’s very hard to be a student athlete and still stay on the honorall.  Last year I had a 3.88 gpa not many students athletes can say they did that.  It’s very hard to be a student athlete but it was well worth it in the end.  The 2010 CR soccer team will go down in history and hopefull next season we can keep making history.  As the season came to an end all the coaches from the league got together to decide first and second team and as for me I got first team the only freshman to do that and I also got offense player of the year.  Not only did I achieve that I was the 7th leading scorer in all of California.  With all those achievements I’d love to say this season taught me a lot and was a great experience.

Sarah Visser

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  1. whitney says:

    whoa!!!! 7th leading scorer thats sooo good, yeah your so smart 3.88 and playing CR soccer EVERY SINGLE night. wow your amazing..

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