Who’s Watchin’ You?

Security Cameras, but security for who?
By: Jodi Dimacali

I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but I recently just noticed that we now have security cameras in the parking lots at CR. Entering into College of the Redwoods, theres a warning sign containing information that there are security cameras on the premises, go figure. At first I thought it was a good idea, especially since it’s for the students security. But are these cameras made for our security or to bust students?
Parking in CR’s parking lot is bad enough, especially during raining season. But now that there’s cameras you can now report if there’s a fresh dent, or a scratch that wasn’t there. Or so I thought. Recently, my friends car was parked for about four hours. When she came back, there was a huge scratch. The scratched looked more like a key scratch. She was pretty distraught about it not only because there’s a huge scratch on her car, but getting your car keyed is really disrespectful. So what’’s the first thing that most college students do when something goes wrong? Yeah, she called her parents and her parents told her to go to the security office. There she made a report on the incident, but she didn’t know how the scratch happened there. She requested to look at the videos from our security cameras that day. Except, they wouldn’t let her review the tapes. She doubts anythings goning to turn out for the best ot of the report or know who did it. So what’s the point of the security camera if it’s not open to view by the public, the students it tapes?
I’m sure the intentions for the secuirty cameras is  for our protection while were attending class. Like if there was a car accident, or someone speeding. Maybe even the cameras are for busting students. Catching the stoner’s in their car on break between classes or getting the people without a parking pass. But why was it such a big ordeal for my friend to make a report and view the tapes to see what happened to her car. So is it for the schools protection and not the students. Or are the cameras an excuse to help serve us, but not to provide us with help when needed. I mean it’s nice to know our college has us protected with security cameras. But how are us as students suppose to feel secured if we can’t use the tapes for our well-being?

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