A Retrospective: Two Resteraunt Reviews

 With the school year quickly coming to a close, the student body is busy at work studying for various final exams. However, with the high hopes of returning, it has come to my mind that many of the student’s who are not natives to the Humblot area such as myself may not even know what the main town of Eureka is even like. Thus, I felt it all the more vital that I recall two very unique and interesting restaurant experiences I had awhile ago so those who do mange to venture into town next semester looking for a curios experience will try them out if they wish to. I would have done said reviews say at an early convenience but was unable to. Such is life.

It was a bit of my own eccentricity and a small sum of money that had made me decide on a date I no longer recall to go out for Sushi. Using the vastness of the web, I was easily able to find various sushi restaurant but the one I chose was Masaki’s Kyoto Japanese Restaurant. Having an associate of my upstairs neighbor accompany me on this escapade, we arrived via bus in little to no time flat. When I had first entered the restaurant it looked more like an apartment with an endless dark green hallway with closets for rooms. On the right was the true resteraunt which we entered with a slow pace.

We were first approached by a waitress who asked if we had a reservation to which I told her no but she only kindly smiled as she took us to a table telling us we had an hour to eat before those who the table was reserved for where to come. As we were waiting for our main entrees to be served, I took in the majestic scenery of the sushi bar with its very stylized display as well as trying my side of Kimchi (A spicy Korean fermented cabbage that was a bit too intense for me.) and drinking some sweet tea (Seeing as they lacked Ramune, a type of Japanese soda that I enjoy) which was perhaps the most bitter drink I have ever had but I became accustomed to its taste after consuming enough of it. Soon enough, we had gotten our main meals with my associate getting soup while I ventured for two pieces of Octopus sushi and a Spider Roll ( Crab meat with various vegetables). I had actually gotten the meal free seeing as my neighbor had decided to pay for it with me only owning some money to which I ought a dessert that would have been better had I not take it to go. Overall, the experience was enjoyable and I personally recommend it to anyone looking for good sushi.

My next adventure would be nearly a month after that as I had to do some shopping seeing that necessities in my dorm had become scarce. With the necessties bought and a bit of cash left over, I had decided I would have lunch at one of the main places that had denied to deliver food to me in the past, Philly Cheese Steak Shoppe. Wandering into the restaurant, I was bombarded by its vast amount of Philadelphia culture. Everywhere I looked , there was something unique about it, even when I had entered there was a poster about a  eating challenge the restaurant had that could make for decent television. I had ordered a Ruben Grinder with Mr. Pibb (Now know as Pibb Xtream to most) which, in my humble opinion, is a better pepper soda then Dr.Pepper. It was long before my grinder was down, my surprise with it being drenched in Russian sauce that made it look unappealing but looks are deceiving as it was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. If you’re looking for a unique place, check it out.

Thus ends my rambling for my own recollections. I hope that whoever reads this will find it helpful if they are looking for a decent meal. I personally enjoyed each thus I have no real criticisms on either.I just simply try to enjoy things when I get the chance to. To each his own, as it is said. That is what I leave you with.

D.P. Wilson 12/13/10

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