The Smoke of a Not-so-distant Fire

A Disregard for Rules: Smokers on Campus

     Are you one of the 81% of people who don’t smoke cigarettes, and have you ever wondered why you have to be subjected to second-hand smoke? One of the rules on this campus is that smokers can smoke only under the white tents located on various places on campus; unfortunately, very few smokers bother to do this. Every time I walk on campus, I am subjected to the smell of cigarette smoke rather than the clean air that should be circulating around. Smoke-filled air is unhealthy to breathe; it provokes asthma and complicates comfortably walking from one class to the next. Another bigger issue is why does CR have this rule if they do not enforce it? It’s not illegal to smoke on campus, however, when smokers start cramming what they’re doing down other peoples throats its unfairness makes people mad. In fact, if smokers had a sense of smell, than I am sure they would also agree that being subjected to second hand smoke is unfair. What it really comes down to is that the 19% of people are free to smoke but the other 81% of people do not want to smell it!* Beyond this is the fact that non-smokers often are forced to walk a detour.

         It’s well known that CR is a campus where walking is essential to get to class and it’s bad enough you have to be subjected to sitting next to someone who smells heavily of cigarette smoke, but every time you are walking up and down hills or turning a corner you have to be exposed to second hand smoke as well. And when you are stuck walking behind someone with his or her trail of smoke in your face, it becomes very frustrating to deal with after a while. It’s more than just a matter of lack of common courtesy, now it’s turned into the smokers making a statement saying, “hey I am going to smoke here and you can’t do a thing about it”. These smokers have no clue how they smell because they’re so addicted to cigarettes, they can’t even begin to imagine what its like for people who don’t. Whenever they are asked to move to a designated smoking area, the majority of them will demonstrate a bad attitude. This behavior shows a complete and total disregard for others rights.

Smoking has been a problem for years on this campus and it’s an issue that has failed to be addressed successfully. Smokers have turned a beautiful campus into a large outdoor ashtray. Littered with cigarette butts and smell of second hand smoke wherever you go, its not just a bad look/smell for the campus but also a great inconvenience for the many non-smoking students. To fix this any smoker caught smoking in a non-smoking area should be told by campus security to go smoke under the white tents.  CR like most places in America has non-smoking and smoking areas. You would not find someone smoking on a airplane or inside the Bay Shore Mall so why would anyone think the same rules do not apply on CR’s campus?

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