Black Friday — Seeing Green

Black Friday is supposed to be this crazy shopper holiday. Well it is definitely nothing to be taken lightly. Sarah Visser, Whitney Flenner and I had our video camera at hand ready to film the madness!!! It was wayyyyy more that what I had expected. To start off, we went to Target. It was supposed to open at 4am, so we thought a safe bet would be there at about 3:30ish…but to our suprise that just found us standing at the end of the line, wrapped completely around the side of Target and curled all the way to the BACK OF THE BUILDING!!!! I spotted a friend from high school in line asking what all the hoot and holler was about and he told me that it was for the flat screen tv that was on sale for $197. He was about 100 people from the front of the line. I asked him how long he had been standing there, assuming that he got there around 3:00, when he informed me that he got there at 1:00am!!!!!! and he was that far back in line! Now I thought that was crazy! They had security guards and everything guarding the door! It wasn’t to be taken lightly! And as soon as the doors opened at 4:00 it was definitely a mad dash to the electronics! I swear one lady was in and then walking out of Target with her flat screen TV in under 3  minutes!!!! Besides the great deal on the TV, target didnt have too many other “amazing sales” besides their movies. That is by far a Target favored item, is their very low priced dvds. However Kohles on the other hand was booming with ways for people to save money! I ended up buying candles and coffee mugs and before I knew it I saved over $80. Kohles opened at 3am, and when I was driving past the mall around 2:30 the Kohles parking lot was packed!! Black Friday.. I am going to have to say you were a huge success!

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