The Cost of Free Speech

The media can play a very important part in social action. To use a more specific example of how this is, we can take a look at the College of the Redwoods main Eureka Campus and the rumor that has been swiftly sweeping it. The rumor is about classes being canceled this summer. Many of the students are distressed by such a rumor, and they are reworking their schedules to meet the deadline for their academic plans. I will be using the media as a medium to get my personal student observations out, and hoping that my fellow students do not take this issue lightly.

The College of the Redwoods main Eureka Campus has already suffered from many classes being cut for the current fall semester, and it personally put a damper on what I planned on studying here at CR. Now, I’m eventually going to have to branch out beyond the Eureka Campus in order to fulfill my academic goals before entering the workforce.

In addition, I myself have never attended, and don’t plan on attending the classes this summer. Yet, I am still directly affected by the possibility of summer classes being cut. Since students are worried that their summer classes will be cut, they are hastily registering in more classes for the upcoming spring semester. Despite my bad track record, I was actually very quick with my registration this semester, and yet because of the rumor of cutting summer classes, I still couldn’t get the best choices of class times and preferred classes.

We students have voices, but it seems a lot of us are afraid to use them for the political issues at CR. I myself have been known not to verbalize my thoughts, or even process my feelings on a subject such as this one.

Then again, perhaps it’s that many students just don’t care about what happens at CR. However, I have a hard time believing that if a student attending has been affected by the financial cuts of classes at CR, as I have, that they would just sit and let the fate of their academic career hang in the balance without any acknowledgement of the matter.  

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