Open Letter From CR Nursing Student — Thanks

The students of the LVN program who had their lovely pinning last night wanted to be sure to thank the entire CR Community for the support you have given them in reaching this goal. While they realize there are too many to mention who have helped them along the way, they wanted to thank Dr. Pat Girczyc for her support and guidance, Erica Silver for her exceptional help in getting them on their way as a counsleor and then her encouragement to not only the DSPS students but to all of them, and Kelly Wilson for her help in “keeping details straight.” Thank you’s go to Dean Anita Janis and Bob Horel for “amazing Math support!” The students send out a “special thanks” to Stephen McCullom and Dan Hernandez. It was stated over and over that these two men “support us [the students] every day, going above and beyond, and we wouldn’t have made it without them.”

I am truly blessed to work with not only the most awesome students in the world, but also the greatest group of staff and faculty ever! What you do every day makes a big difference to our students. Thank you!

Be safe and take gentle care during this Holiday season,

Melody Pope

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