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Students Protest Cancelled Classes

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

A Vacation: So Much and So Little

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

 As I had awoke from a peaceful slumber, things were very lifeless and timeless as the college had officially shut down for Thanksgiving break. For me, I was unable to travel to see my family and it would be the first time without having Thanksgiving or my birthday (The day after it according to this year, the 26th) without my friends and family. Though that in itself sounds very depressing, I knew it would be a very unique experience for me. Having book a king size room at the Best Western in Humblot Bay for a decent price, I expected an enjoyable experience, at that. However, things are not always how we plan them to be.

When I had arrived there late in the after noon, I had checked in but was unsure where to go to have my Thanksgiving dinner. One of the works behind the desk told me that the restaurant know as Kristie’s Place was having a Thanksgiving dinner for the entire day. Wasting no time, I quickly went to my room, unpacked my bags and went to the restaurant. It was a site to behold, it had the look of a humble 50’s styled cafe with the neon lights and even a relaxing lounge area. Wasting no time, I  took a seat at the end of the  table top bar they had ordering the dinner which was one of the most flavorful Thanksgiving meals I ever had, having it with a Tutti Frutti  flavored soda which is the first time I have ever heard of it being in soda form. Finishing my meal with a piece of Pumpkin pie, I had tipped generously before heading back to my room doing much of nothing, really.

Perhaps it was a bit of foreshadowing in a sense seeing as when I woke up for my birthday, I had a terrible stomach ache. Maybe it was due to how rich the food was or food poisoning in itself but I became very sickly. Did that stop me from going back? No, I had a nice Corn Beef sandwich which was very tasteful as well to which I tipped generously once again  having admired the view from the window (Money is very immaterial to me). I did walk about to see if several sushi places would be opened for dinner that afternoon but they were all closed. Having also wanted to get a limo ride since it was provided for free, all my aspirations where shattered by my own declining health  as I simply sat in, drinking some Earl Gray tea in hopes for a cure.

The next day was a bit more hopeful as I stared to feel better. I went back for a third meal of a French dip sandwich, which lacked my real taste but what I really needed as it was a meal that helped normalize my health with another nice window booth. I felt so good besides slight dehydration that I walked not only to a nifty antique shop but to a  curios pawn shop though it was only for window shopping as they lacked anything that drew my interests. I had thought of going to Kristie’s yet again for dinner but felt my body lacked any real energy to do so so once again I lazed about, calling the front desk to see when I would have to leave so they wouldn’t charge me for the next day.

Having enough time to waste for one last meal at Kristie’s, I had planned to order a Chicken Fried Steak for breakfast but decided  to rather go with New York Style waffles. Not really enjoying waffles myself, it was more a dessert then breakfast. Three scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and Maltese (Raspberry) sauce, it was one of the few times I can say I enjoyed waffles as well as it being probably the most unhealthy yet delicious breakfasts I have ever had. Soon enough, my cab arrived to take me back to the dorm as the day quickly shifted to night and ended.

There is much to say but in all actuality,I am simply recommending both Kristie’s Place  for its food and Humblot Bay’s best Western for its prices and services. Both of them were excellent and have my personal must go to if traveling fro now on. Even if you’re not traveling, Kristie’s is a nice retro styled restaurant with great service and a family run feel to it. The food is fantastic, too. Hope this is helpful to whoever reads it

D.P. Wilson 12/3/10

A Retrospective: Two Resteraunt Reviews

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

 With the school year quickly coming to a close, the student body is busy at work studying for various final exams. However, with the high hopes of returning, it has come to my mind that many of the student’s who are not natives to the Humblot area such as myself may not even know what the main town of Eureka is even like. Thus, I felt it all the more vital that I recall two very unique and interesting restaurant experiences I had awhile ago so those who do mange to venture into town next semester looking for a curios experience will try them out if they wish to. I would have done said reviews say at an early convenience but was unable to. Such is life.

It was a bit of my own eccentricity and a small sum of money that had made me decide on a date I no longer recall to go out for Sushi. Using the vastness of the web, I was easily able to find various sushi restaurant but the one I chose was Masaki’s Kyoto Japanese Restaurant. Having an associate of my upstairs neighbor accompany me on this escapade, we arrived via bus in little to no time flat. When I had first entered the restaurant it looked more like an apartment with an endless dark green hallway with closets for rooms. On the right was the true resteraunt which we entered with a slow pace.

We were first approached by a waitress who asked if we had a reservation to which I told her no but she only kindly smiled as she took us to a table telling us we had an hour to eat before those who the table was reserved for where to come. As we were waiting for our main entrees to be served, I took in the majestic scenery of the sushi bar with its very stylized display as well as trying my side of Kimchi (A spicy Korean fermented cabbage that was a bit too intense for me.) and drinking some sweet tea (Seeing as they lacked Ramune, a type of Japanese soda that I enjoy) which was perhaps the most bitter drink I have ever had but I became accustomed to its taste after consuming enough of it. Soon enough, we had gotten our main meals with my associate getting soup while I ventured for two pieces of Octopus sushi and a Spider Roll ( Crab meat with various vegetables). I had actually gotten the meal free seeing as my neighbor had decided to pay for it with me only owning some money to which I ought a dessert that would have been better had I not take it to go. Overall, the experience was enjoyable and I personally recommend it to anyone looking for good sushi.

My next adventure would be nearly a month after that as I had to do some shopping seeing that necessities in my dorm had become scarce. With the necessties bought and a bit of cash left over, I had decided I would have lunch at one of the main places that had denied to deliver food to me in the past, Philly Cheese Steak Shoppe. Wandering into the restaurant, I was bombarded by its vast amount of Philadelphia culture. Everywhere I looked , there was something unique about it, even when I had entered there was a poster about a  eating challenge the restaurant had that could make for decent television. I had ordered a Ruben Grinder with Mr. Pibb (Now know as Pibb Xtream to most) which, in my humble opinion, is a better pepper soda then Dr.Pepper. It was long before my grinder was down, my surprise with it being drenched in Russian sauce that made it look unappealing but looks are deceiving as it was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. If you’re looking for a unique place, check it out.

Thus ends my rambling for my own recollections. I hope that whoever reads this will find it helpful if they are looking for a decent meal. I personally enjoyed each thus I have no real criticisms on either.I just simply try to enjoy things when I get the chance to. To each his own, as it is said. That is what I leave you with.

D.P. Wilson 12/13/10

Using the Media to Your Advantage

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

The media can have a very big impact on us as a society, but at the same time, we can use the media to our advantage. Often times, it can be used as a gateway to solving serious problems.

There are a number of ways that the media can be used to our advantage. One way you could use the media to your advantage would be to and as an influence when trying to solve public issues.

How often can you call up some type of authority figure and demand a change for some injustice? Usually, they will just tell you they will contact someone else and call you back just to be off the phone with you. After some time waiting for a call back, usually no actions towards solving the problem occur.

We can use the media to shed light on issues such as this, and use the power of the media to solve situations. If we perhaps let the local media know about the injustice, we are not only giving a possibly good story to the media, but also providing a persuasive edge to getting the problem resolved.

Though the goal might not be assessed for a period of time, attracting the media to the situation will offer a better chance of attaining a resolution. Also, setting the injustice itself into the eye of the public is a very effective way to use the media to one’s advantage. 

It’s only right that we as citizens should be able to use the media as a tool. Our constant exposure and asphyxiation with the media can very often be a hard subject to deal with on a daily basis.

I do however, think that if we abuse this resource, that it will end up much like the boy who cried wolf. It’s a very powerful resource, and despite the usefulness it may bring, we should use it sparingly and only in certain instances where an injustice can only be solved through higher methods of persuasion.  

Who’s Watchin’ You?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Security Cameras, but security for who?
By: Jodi Dimacali

I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but I recently just noticed that we now have security cameras in the parking lots at CR. Entering into College of the Redwoods, theres a warning sign containing information that there are security cameras on the premises, go figure. At first I thought it was a good idea, especially since it’s for the students security. But are these cameras made for our security or to bust students?
Parking in CR’s parking lot is bad enough, especially during raining season. But now that there’s cameras you can now report if there’s a fresh dent, or a scratch that wasn’t there. Or so I thought. Recently, my friends car was parked for about four hours. When she came back, there was a huge scratch. The scratched looked more like a key scratch. She was pretty distraught about it not only because there’s a huge scratch on her car, but getting your car keyed is really disrespectful. So what’’s the first thing that most college students do when something goes wrong? Yeah, she called her parents and her parents told her to go to the security office. There she made a report on the incident, but she didn’t know how the scratch happened there. She requested to look at the videos from our security cameras that day. Except, they wouldn’t let her review the tapes. She doubts anythings goning to turn out for the best ot of the report or know who did it. So what’s the point of the security camera if it’s not open to view by the public, the students it tapes?
I’m sure the intentions for the secuirty cameras is  for our protection while were attending class. Like if there was a car accident, or someone speeding. Maybe even the cameras are for busting students. Catching the stoner’s in their car on break between classes or getting the people without a parking pass. But why was it such a big ordeal for my friend to make a report and view the tapes to see what happened to her car. So is it for the schools protection and not the students. Or are the cameras an excuse to help serve us, but not to provide us with help when needed. I mean it’s nice to know our college has us protected with security cameras. But how are us as students suppose to feel secured if we can’t use the tapes for our well-being?