The Picture Worth a Thousand Words

 In Journalism this week we discussed rhetoric and metaphor. Both can be used by a speaker or writer to sway people’s opinions. Rhetoric is often used as a very  subtle use of propaganda. It might be used without anyone realizing it. Metaphors are openly used in a sincere attempt to help others understand what you’re trying to say.

           In Woodstock , Ritchie Havens did an unbelievable time killer ( waiting for next group ) with his ad-lib version of FREEDOM mixed with his rendition of “ Motherless Child “. It was a very stirring moment.

           I personally love any news from the more southern reaches of the world, in this case, the Dominican Republic. Professor Silverbrand’s interest in these people is one of his qualities that has delivered me to his class.

           All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned much, thanks to Professor Silverbrand’s tutelage.

Dennis Ryan

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